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Ramadhan Hoax... Every Year?

Assalaam aleykom WBT and A Good Day to All :)

As you all know, we are almost entering the end of the Ramadhaan holy month. A sad time for many Muslims, for this is a month full of Allaah's bounties... A month filled with blessings... and THE month that has the Night of Qadr where if you perform prayers for example, you would get the merit and benefits of a thousand nights! Fuih... beats any bonus I ever heard about :D

Anywayz! The point of this post, even though a bit late in the month... is not about gaining merit... but about the possible promise of false merit? What I am talking about here are the nightly benefits that Muslims will get for each night of Taraweeh prayers...

As you all know (or for those of you who don't)... each year during Ramadhaan, or even before Ramadhaan, many will be receiving emails mentioning the benefits or 'ganjaran' Muslims will get for each night of Taraweeh. Among them are:

First Night - The sins of a mukmin (believer) will be cleared; a clean sheet as a new born infant (Allaah will forgive ALL his/her sins)
Fourth Night - Receives the benefits (pahala) similar to those people who read the Taurah, Zabur, Injil and Al-Quran

etc... Etc... Until the 30th night.

But I believe that not many know... based on some reliable sources (e.g.:, this might be one of the biggest hoax to have hit Malaysian masjids :( And maybe the world? If it's being spread worldwide la I mean....

Because according to the Mufti of Terengganu website, as well as this one Singaporean mufti's (or was he an influential imam, lupa...) website also (forget the URL), this hadith, purportedly given by Saidina Ali (Karamallaahu Wajhah) from Prophet Muhammad (May Peace be Upon Him) is false :( It's being made up by human beings of the modern age.

When you really think about it... the ramifications can be quite severe. Spiritually I mean. Ok... let me try to explain what I think (and please do correct me, for I am not an ulama or even an ustaz... just an ordinary Muslim seeking the truth in today's society of information overload :P)

People will be overjoyed due to the extra pahala they'd get. Like the first night... SIN CLEANSING!!! Sapa tak nak? Terus jadik baby balik... ZERO dosa :) So, many, I believe, will go to prayer with this intention in mind. Whereas, it is something conjured up by... ntah sapa? :) And it's false hope, if betul la this is a false hadith.

And at one point... if one's heart is so fixed on these benefits (these different pahalas each nite), the true intention of prayers might be lost :( Taraweeh after all, is the same as any other Sunnah prayer. As a matter of fact, I heard in a talk that it won't even be among the top 5 (or was it 10?) sunnah prayers to be questioned by God during the day of judgement...


This is my view lah :) This supposedly false hadith (and I strongly believe it is!), could do harm in it's own small way. Even though the contents are good, it instills false hope... and at the same time could tarnish the image of the prophet himself. I mean, he didn't say it... and some people are claiming he did?

But I believe that some people would still defend the act of spreading such hadith. I can imagine reactions such as:

"At least orang pergi jugak masjid. Penuh la jugak masjid tu, walaupun utk ~1 bulan dalam setahun"


"Alaa... takde apa sangat la. Ini kan benda baik. Semua dalam list tu baik. Lagi semangat la orang nak semayang terawih..."

Kot2 la... :D

Anywayz.... the main point here is that, these nightly promises... might be one of the biggest hoax to have ever hit Malaysian air-waves :D hehehe. But then again, I haven't fully done my homework. Based on the numerous 'sheiks' I've interviewed, as well as some surfing done on the Internet, and also talks with supposedly 'alim friends... it is almost confirmed that these claims are in the same boat as the Lochness Monster.

Okes. Anyway, if anyone has otehr views... or a strong factual source that can rebut this entry, please do tell us all :) FOr if indeed this hadeeth is true... then I won't want to be the one to nullify it. Hehehehehe... I've already got so much sin... Kang bertambah pulak saham Jahannam aku :P

Orait. Assalaam aleykom WBT dan Salaamat Menyambut Syawal...


PaanMFR said...

Cikgu, ade lagi 1 PRE-hoax..

Mai tgk sini

EyesOfNabil said...

aku pun nak tau gak bab doa malaikat Jibrail tu...sbb dlm e-mel fakulti kita pun ade aritu...what say u pian?

patutkah kita tanya pada si pakar poligami..:D

Alfian_Troxion said...

Paan: Kok pre hoax pon ada? hehehe. Tu bukan pre dah tu... hoax yg awak mention tu mmg satu geng ngan hoax yg sata tulis ni la... cuma dia macam tarap tinggi sikit... sebab main doa doa :P Malekat jibril lagi tu....

Mat Nabil: Hmmm. ada ek? Apa kata aku tanya... lepas tu kau jawab wahai Nabil. Bukan la jawab, tapi sokong :D tengok apa reaksi. Adakah kita akan mendiscover penyokong2 kuat? ataupun orang2 yg suka membidaah kan lagi bidaah? :P

:: azrul hazri jantan :: said...

betul mamat..
aku risau jugak bila tgk orang melayu kita nie lebih memandang kepada "fadhilat" sahaja.. solat sebab ada specific reward nya.. tang mana turunnya fadhilat terawih tue aku tak mau campur sebab nie bukan bidang research aku..yg aku tertarik cuma pada amalan org kita nie..penuhkan masjid sebab ada reward,tapi sesudah ramadhan,masjid lengang..huhuhu..

Sadry said...

alhamdulilah ada jugak insan macam hang Jawa yang really take into details about this. Ni yang nak buat aku tanya para ulama dekat sini.

Alfian_Troxion said...

hehehe. tanya sadros. nanti kalau ada apa2 feedback, mai bagi tau kat aku okes :D

arigato in advance :)

azwad said...

Aku pernah tanya arwah kawan aku, Norman Naim 10 tahun lepas. Dia grad KISAS, dia pernah cakap dia secara peribadi tidak tahu kesahihan hadis-hadis yang dirujuk berkenaan fadhilat terawikh ni. Tapi dia tak berani cakap palsu. Dia cuma cakap hadis-hadis tersebut lemah sahaja sebab sanat dan perawi tak jelas.

Terima kasihle sebab bangkitkan isu ini. Aku yakin kau dah buat rujukan yang betul.

Alfian_Troxion said...

Aku pun harap2 references aku betul. Sebab kalau tak, aku yg sebarkan ajaran sesat :P hehehe. tq for the vote of confidence Azwad :D

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