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Elken Bio Pure (Ken2) - Changing Two Internal Filters (First Time Service)

* I realized some people arriving at this blog post while searching for the price for the Elken Bio Pure (Ken2) filter. We bought ours at style="background-color: yellow; color: #20124d;">RM2989.92 - RM124.58 X 24-months using easypayment (Maybank Credit Card)... 

A few days back, we called someone from ELKEN to service our Bio Pure Ken2 water filtration system. The service was overdue actually, but tak kisah lah, janji servis ye dok :) Anywayz...

The guy came (after getting lost a bit here and there), and told us that we needed to change two filters, which were the PRE/POST ACTIVATED CARBON FILTER and the SEDIMENT FILTER. Each of these filters cost RM69, so the total came up to RM138... which was ok since the first time service charge (labor charge) was RM0 and 00-sen. Ok la... free labour :D Now Alhamdulillaah, we have a cleaned up Elken water filter... Water still tastes the same though... hehehehehe :P

OH! And the other day, some people actually got a bit 'frightened' of me... since they thought I was an ELKEN Multi-Level Marketing agent? Heheheh... Don't worry. I won't be selling any filters or asking anyone to join ELKEN under me or anything since I am not affiliated with ELKEN. My wife bought the filter from her sister (Ok, the sister is an agent). So we are just 'users' so to speak... But still, the wife can gain commissions in case anyone wants to get the filter from her. She however, is not actively promoting. Just using and using and using :D But that kinda makes her a 'silent' agent ye dok? hehehe...

Oraits... hope anyone Googling about the price of these filters can benefit from this post. Assalaam aleykom.


Anonymous said...

Water Filter bio-pure (elken);

Kami pengguna water filter bio-pure merasa kesal menggunakan pruduk
tersebut kerana dia amat merugikan dan selalu rosak.
1. senser mudah rosak.
2. water over flow terlalu banyak (tadah 1 cawan, over flow 20liter)
3. penapis terlalu mahal.
1. Persatuan pengguna PP.
2. NGO Malaysia.
3. tel: 013-3620853

Anonymous said...

Saya google utk pre-filter elken punya price..alhamdulillah ada jugak related post..
so far dah pakai ken 2 5 tahun dah...xdak problem apa yg drpd filter itself..cuma akak je selalu overlooked on the services..hihihi...

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