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'Maybank' keeps blocking my account!

Assalaam aleykom :) Why does 'Maybank' keep blocking my account? They say there's a security threat? :o Where? When? How!!!!

Hehehe. Ok... Actually, again, this scenario is about those phishing schemes (phishing ek? or is it another cyber crime term...) that somehow gets a hold of my email address, and sends out bogus emails telling me that I need to secure my savings/current accounts. The latest message I got was this:

Dear Valued Customer

Maybank has introduced a New 2010 Security to improve our security against known and emerging account threats. You are hereby required to immediately secure your account as unsecured accounts will be terminated till further notice. This process is mandatory to all Maybank Customers.

Activate Now*

Of course everyone (almost everyone that is) knows that this is a false email, where if you follow the instructions given by the criminal(s), might lead to your account being swept clean. But I understand that sometimes, some of the messages can be quite convincing (at first glance lah tapi). Hence, for those of you who are unsure, the best thing to do is to check the link given.

From the example above, is just a mask. The actual underlying link is http://wwwDOTrm2ureadyDOTcom/M2ULoginDOThtm .... (replaced the periods with the word DOT, kot2 ada yg gatal nak pi test link tu :P). This can be checked by hovering your mouse pointer over the link, and see what it writes at the status bar below (status bar ke? what do they call it ek?). Or if that don't please you, right click on the link, and click 'COPY LINK ADDRESS' (for Google Chrome), and past it somewhere. Notepad ke? :)

For sure, it's gonna be some weird looking link that does not start with the actual domain of your online banking website... But they might have the bank's name, such as M2ULogin.htm, or CIMBClicks.htm or even!

So, with that said... hope everyone is careful :D Hope this has been of some use to somebody :D
Assalaam aleykom WBT... 


arin said...

aku selalu dapat spam email dari CIMB. But aku nye CIMB macam hidup segan mati tak mau.Even pwd CIMB Click on aku tak ingat.hehehhe..

Alfian_Troxion said...

bini aku pon sama. sib bek la masa tu dia tak bukak lagik akaun CIMB :P tapi mesej yg dia dapat bunyik best gak... mula2 tengok tak nampak macam tipu langsung. tapi since benda tu datang kot email, kitorang pon terus pangkah la selepas sedar dari lamunan :D

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