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False Alarm

Assalaam aleykom :) Last nite, the wife had some contraction pains... and they were getting quite regular. Since she has 3 sisters considered as 'experts' in child birth, dia pun consult la dan tanya.... kot2 dah patut go to the hospital or not. Ye la kan, the last time we had our Farhanah was in 2005... So now dah ter-forgot about all those things :) My wife did follow this one website (tak ingat nama) from early pregnancy until now, but when it comes down to the actual experience, even well written text on a nice webpage cannot help that much.

Anywayz, since the contractions were getting constant (every 10-minutes), kitorang pon pergi lah ke Serdang hospital. Putrajaya dah penuh! So kot2 if my wife had to go into labor that nite, baik pergi tempat yang ada wad ye dok :) So pergi la Serdang hospital. Waited for quite a while... even though tak ramai sangat orang. In the end... tengok2, even though the contractions were indeed frequent... bukaan masih belum ada lagi. So, since the opening process has not been initiated... the nurse suruh balik je la dulu. So kami pon balik laaa...

Itu lah cerita false alarm :D But I expect a, that it's gonna be anytime soon. So please make some doa for us ya kawan2 :D tq tq

Assalaam aleykom WBT

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