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Become a millionaire thru [paid] auto surfing!!!

I thought it was all over! But after saja-saja searching thru the Internet, I managed to find this website ( Just by looking at the homepage, I think we could all agree that this is just another attempt at photocopying STUDIOTRAFFIC (and all of the other defunct autosurf scams)... 

For those of you who are not familiar with autosurfing, well... basically you join a program (like Jutawanklik). Some will ask you to pay, whereas others simply allow you to create a free account. But believe me, after knowing the potential of how a paid account can make you rich faster, many opt to upgrade to a paid account. Anywayz...

Last time, when I was part of an autosurf program (Studio Traffic), what members had did was to surf a certain number of webpages (or websites) per day in order to get money. For instance, if you have a paid account of USD100, whenever you finish your surfing quota for the day (say, 100-websites)... you will get earnings equals to 1% of you account's worth (in this case 1% of 100 = USD1). So over one month, you'll get around USD30. In a bit over three months, dah kira pulang modal since you can cover the USD100 that you paid to upgrade the account in the first place... After this, of course you can opt to withdraw the money, or REINVEST your earnings to upgrade the account further (higher account worth means higher 1% per day earnings rite?) Imagine... 1% of USD1000... sehari dah USD10 tu beb!!! Sapa tak nak!!! :o

Oh! And I forgot to mention... that the website surfing quota is done by a so called AUTO SURF program... which automatically alternates between websites every 10-20 or 30 seconds or so.... You don't need to do nothin... just run the program, and voila! You're quota is filled for the day... BTW, last time... the alternating websites were that of Studio Traffic themselves, and also some other crappy websites and screen shots of famous companies....

Simple aye? Easy money.... The program I joined, Studio Traffic... ended up being closed down... leaving many (including myself) with holes in their pockets. Luckily for me, tak la banyak sangat invest. Kalu tak, mau nangis (like some of my frens who actually took out LOANS to upgrade their accounts!)

Anywayz... that's my story. I have learnt from such programs... that money never comes easily. Nothing beats old hard (and smart) work :) Jadi, in case la anybody comes to you to promote an autosurf, it's best to run away as far as you can, before he/she manages to persuade you to join... :) Oh, and also lari if anyone promotes any other types of high-yield and TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE investments!!!! LARI RUN RUN... ARRET when you get tired of course!!!

Some might ask, how to identify such scams? For me, a few simple indicators would already make my scam alarm bells ring:
  1. High return (high yield) in so little time - 1% per day was Studio Traffic's promise. Not sure about Jutawanklik. But come on... 1% per day... that's 30% per month!!! Even the stock market can't promise you such returns!!! Plus, if it were true, don't you think Donald Trump or even our own local Milan Doshi won't already be investing in such vehicles/mediums?;
  2. Easy Money - Do (almost) nothing, and get $$$!!! Ok, this has been a very old trick of these (scam) devils. If money is easy, it ain't earned money... It's stolen money... as was the case with Studio Traffic since it was a pyramid/ponzi scheme;
  3. Too much sweet talk - Similar to MLMs (even tho they're legal), you'd hear too much sweet talk about each program... run away if the talk is too sweet. You might even die if u're diabetic :P
  4. TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE!!! - If it's too good to be true, run away also... 
Well, these are the four points I have identified for myself. Other people might have other alarm triggering facts :D Kalau nak tambah kat sini pon, amat dialu2kan :D

Anywayz... it's quite sad to see so many people joining Jutawanklik (at the side bar... you can see new members joining in. IC number pon leh nampak sekali...). But I understand how they feel. Some get tricked into the hype that this is the new way to rake in the $$$! It's Online and in a short time!!! (Hmmm.. kinda like a slogan with a nice ring to it aye?). Furthermore, it's difficult to convince people otherwise... because when you join something... you suddenly get very2 defensive and ta'asub about it. Just like when you join a brick and mortar company or even an MLM. Same feeling... and you get jumpy when people start saying things about your organization/product etc. :)

Anywayz... just for my friends out there... stay clear of such programs. Because like all pyramids/ponzis, they will close down :) And the ones who will benefit will only be the 'creators' of such schemes... and yes, of course, people who join early :D

Oraits... Assalaam aleykom


Amy said...

Fuhh..tu la. Ni ada budak opis ajak main kutu (I've had bad experience of main kutu with ex-colleagues dulu, then one mamat resigned 24 hours and we all semua sort of rugi Rm200). So I cakap, I malas la, I can't commit Rm100 per month la and yadda yadda..what do you know, he told me 'Kena bayar Rm100 je (sekali je) pastu nanti pulangan Rm1000, yg penting kena ajak ramai2'. Too good to be true eh? I only know about the conventional kutu, where you have to pay Rm100 for 10 months to get your Rm1000..whenever your turn is la.
So, he gave me a link and I read about it. Am not convinced. And I heard some colleagues dok check2 URL tu kata dah nampak duit tu makin banyak..baru seminggu dah ada Rm150. So, same sentiment I think, sapa yg masuk awal dpt la untung sampai la mende tu tutup nanti. Tengok je la. Tak berani la den..sorry tercomment panjang plak! :p

Alfian_Troxion said...

takde masalah :) Komen panjang2 amat2 dialu2kan :)

Ooo.. pesen tu punya kutu pon ada iye. Kutu ni, aku sendiri x pernah main... tapi rasa2nya kalau buat amongst frens yg bebetul kenal, maybe buleh jadik. but like u said, ada je chance something nak go wrong ye dok? :)

kalau mcm autosurf2 ni (mcm dulu2 ada 12daily pro, studio traffic, lepas tu apa lagik dah tak ingat :P).... mmg dia janji things that are too good to be true... so mmg elok dijauh2kan :D

anywayz, tq for reading Amy :) Tak sangka pulak u read my blog once in a while :) hehehe. tq tq

Amy said...

Baru perasan u have my link in your blog. Malu la wehh, while u blog about good infos, mine is always about my and my insecurities ..emo emo 24 jam haha. MALU.

azwad said...

Skim piramid tu..

Yup, main kutu bagus sebab kalau kita simpan tiap-tiap bulan pun, kadang2 je berjaya capai sasaran. Selalu sangat "terambil" sikit hehehehhe!

Kalau main kutu, jangan sampai setahun. 3 ke 6 bulan je dah. Kalau nak setahun, main RM50 je sebulan. Sikit tapi praktikal. Manusia ada hidupan yang praktikal dan kadang2 ideal. Manusia juga adalah hidupan maun dan kembali ke topik...Lagi bagus ngam2 sampai masa nak perbaharui insurans kereta/hari raya/buka sekolah..

Alfian_Troxion said...

Amy: Firstly, tq for dropping by so often. aku ingat kan takde orang baca my blog sangat. hehehehe. tq tq. Anwyayz... alaa... apa nak malu malu one. Ramai apa orang buat blog ure style :) Nothing to be ashamed about. as a matter of fact, many people can also learn about emotions thru empathizing with others :D So no malu2 one :D hehehehe

Azwad: Ko main kutu ke Azwad? hehehehe... tapi tui gak. kalau RM50, ok gak la ye dok (utk 1 year). Tapi kalau lebih dari tu... ada bahaya jugak ye dok :D anywayz, regarding jutawan klik ni... aiyo... mmg kiranya macam StudioTraffic yg kembali tapi dalam bahasa melayu. hehehe. Ntah2 ke John Horan, mamat/minah yg boss StudioTraffic tu orang mesia kot? skg ni dia buat balik, tapi dalam bahasa melayu. :o

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