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Heat, Fever, Nasal Area Discomfort... oh, and did I mention the (scorching) heat?

The last few weeks have been quite hot won't you say? My parents' house in Bandar Baru Bangi seems like an oven at times... no... most of the time! Even at nights! ... and sometimes, in the late afternoons (e.g. 5-7pm), I sometimes would work up a sweat doing (almost lah) nothing in the john... So hot aa the last few weeks.... (5-day weather forecast ... HIGHS of 34 and LOWS of 25 on average... with short thunderstorms acting as 'intermissions'... :D)

It's a known fact that weather change can affect our health... that someone can catch a cold or run a ever if the temperature changes drastically from cold to hot... or if some extremes hold for a long period of time. For my case, ... I had bacterial/viral (Dr wasn't sure) fever about 3-weeks ago. Alhamdulillaah it went away.... took some antibiotics. Then... a bit over one week after, as I came back from a short snooker session... I found myself in pain! I mean my skin was literally hurting when I got out of the car (it was 5:00 ++ pm?). The heat.. man, was very2 unbearable! Had to find shelter at once! It came as quite a shock to me... and before I knew it, the familiar bodily sensations of a fever were setting in once more. So, within a window of less than one-week ++, I was running TWO fevers! A personal "best" for me... hehehe... Oh, and this one was accompanied by nasal discomfort... and also other bodily aches not present during the first fever.

To tell you the truth, I haven't fully recovered until now. With the joys and stresses of handling a newborn, plus other 'surprising' new commitments and predicaments, it's gonna be quite some time before I can declare myself 100% again. But anywayz, we must always say Alhamdulillaah :) I mean, t'is just after all a fever insyaAllaah, and other people have uglier problems. hehehehe...

Anywayz, just wanted to point out the heat wave we've been having lately in Malaysia (or, the KLANG valley at least... tempat2 lain camne ek? Tak periksa pulak eden...). Hopefully all of you out there are fairing well with this extreme weather... :) Oraits... Assalaam aleykom....
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