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Private Halal Certification

Was walking around JUSCO Bandar Perda (Penang darat area) one day with my family. This was way back when... I forget :) Anywayz, normally before eating at any of the eateries in any shopping complex, I'd make sure that they have halal certification. Normally, I'd be looking for the JAKIM or ASIA PACIFIC or SINGAPORE halal seal. But on the outside wall of one particular restaurant, I saw one halal sign without anybody's seal around it (the picture above). But there was a phone number, and the name SAS-H CONSULTANTS Sdn. Bhd. At first I thought they were sticker makers :P But then, I also thought they could be the people who actually certified this restaurant as being halal.

As many know, I am now still doing my PhD... and as many PhD do-ers know, there is always something better to do than PhD related work... heheheh. So I took the initiative to call these people. One relatively polite (Malay I think) gentleman picked up the phone... and basically told me that they are a private organization that provides halal certification. Of course I menyamar la to be someone interested to get certification. Based on what he told me regarding the procedures, it seemed quite valid :) He also mentioned an auditing process before the final certification can be given.

Alhamdulillaah, now I have another halal logo that I can possibly trust. Hopefully they do proper work la... because if cincai2 only to give halal certification, then susah la... who to trust anymore nowadays in a world dominated by the RM/DOLLAR/REN MIMBI/RUPIAH/KRONER/POUND STERLING/EURO sign? :D

Okes... I end this post with some halal plates :D [never knew halal signs existed for plates... ]... Assalaam 'aleykom.


Amy said...

Takpe eh beb kalau outsource dekat private organisations, tak yah Majlis Agama Islam yg certify? BTW, ur posting hari tu pasal food kat karaoke place tu, is it Red Box ke? Let me least bleh share info.

Alfian_Troxion said...

Ntoh le Amy. Tu yg aku tak fully tahu lagi tu... sama ada ok ke tak private nye certification ni. Tu pasal tadi aku tulis "possibly trust" ... hehehehe... nanti insyaAllaah, ada masa, akan dikaji lagi :D

As for the place... yeous. its RedBox... :D

Oyis said...

bagusnya ko, sampai menyamar bagai... respek2..

psl pinggan tu, aku pon x pernah tahu ada cert halal, tp utk bgtau dia nya bkn bone china kot :)

Alfian_Troxion said...

i was also thinking benda yg sama la Noris. Kot2 la buat daripada tulang ye dok :)

tapi bagus gak ... ada halal cert utk pinggan :D

tapi aku rasa getting halal certified (yg bebetul punya la) is very2 advantageous to any food business. macam kat satu KFC @ somewhere in Australia dulu, business belipat kali ganda lepas dia orang serve halal KFC :)

tapi kat mesia susah sket la. kadang2 dah dapat halal pon, sebenanya tak halal :'( Sedihsss

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