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Last night, I received a dinner invitation from Mr. Akhmal Ikan Tenggiri Man. Since I gave him all of my share from our last fishing trip, he felt obliged to feed me... which is very2 good! Cuz dapat makan home cooked dinner without myself actually cooking it :) Plus, with the expert hands of Akhmal's mother and wife... maka the probability that the food is better than what I normally cook can safely be said to be equals to 1!!! Anywayz... I'd like to thank Mr. Akhmal and family again, for providing me with delicious sustenance last night. The anak jenahak n kerapu masak 3 rasa (masa 3 rasa ek?) were totally AWESOME!!! Gambar tak ambik tapi... lupa diri masa makan... Oh, and Akhmal got all of my share sebab I am now bujeng... wife and kids all in Bangi oredi. So, no point simpan ikan banyak at home. For one thing, no one to eat... Secondly, most of the time I stay in asrama @ USM nowadays... just waiting for the right time to let go of our rented house in Taman Ilmu, Nibong Tebal...

Anywayz.... The gambar that I managed to take however were of some DURIANS that Mr. Akhmal bought. There were three types... Durian Susu, Durian Holo (betul ke aku eja ni?) and Durian Kampung. Since again, I was de lupa daratan masa makan durian tu (maklum le dah lama x makan derian...), also I forget to take pics of most of the durians. But the durians were AWESOME!!! Alhamdulillaah!!! Arigato again Akhmal and co.

Below are the pics that I did manage to take. These were the 2 small sized durian kampungs that I got from Akhmal as takeaway :) Since I was already full last night, I bedal-ed them this morning as breakfast :D Kaler tak kuning sangat... but for a small durian... the flesh was quite delicious and sweet! Okes... itu saja update utk kali ini.... Assalaam aleykom!!!

Durian Kampung

Closeup View Durian Kampung


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