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This one also he bites?

Congratulations to Spain for winning their maiden world cup after beating the Netherlands in an action packed final :) Great play by Casillas and the gang!!! Too bad for our Liverpool hero Fernando Torres though, who had to be stretched out after injuring his hamstring (again) during a ball chase.

Anywayz... celebrations in their locker room was accompanied by another Spaniard, whose jack of trait is on the tennis court. Yeps, it's Rafael Nadal... nephew of Miguel Angel Nadal (once played for Spain also). A few weeks back he took a bite out of the Wimbledon trophy. Yesterday... he tasted gold again as they allowed him to get a bite out of the coveted World Cup trophy. Tapi takpe la kot... dah trademark dia :D

Anywayz... again, congrats to Spain!!! Meanang gak korang ek? Kira double la ni... Euro 2008 and World Cup 2010!!! :D
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