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Ron-97 - Shell V-Power

A few weeks ago, I had a chat with my friends Mr. Johnny bin Salleh and Dr. Azrul Hazri bin Jantan. The topic was fuel. I told them that I fed by Nissan Sentra (1.6 SG-L) with the Ron-95 petrol... the yellow colored pump @ the petrol station. I insisted that there didn't seem to be much difference in the car's performance regardless of isi-ing Ron-95 or Ron-97. But both of them said that, I won't see the difference since I'm just using it for short distance driving. The benefit can only be seen for long distance drives... such as going back to Bandar Baru Bangi from USM, Penang :D

Anywayz... I thought of putting their claim to the test. On my way back from Bangi, I filled up my petrol tank with Ron-97 (Shell V-Power), at the Shell refueling station just before the Sungai Besi toll plaza. From there on, I set the TRIP-meter to 0-km. Alhamdulillaah, I reached Penang a few hours later (after stopping @ the Sg. Perak R&R as I was sleepy). The overall journey from that Shell station to my hostel was ~368.5 kilometers. I drove at constant speeds of 90-100 km/h (occasionally going 110-130... but very2 rarely). In the end, this is what my fuel tank looked like.

368.5 kilometers... using a bit more than half of all the fuel...

I think this is kind of ok jugak la kot :D Slightly passing the half-way line. But of course, I had to drive relatively slower than usual (normally 115-140 macam tu). Anywayz, this is just one part of the test. A comparison has to be made using Ron-95... and we have to wait for my next trip from Bangi to Penang to find out, insyaAllaah. Okes... TQ for reading iya :D Below are some extra pics I had stored in my camera/phone's memory...

Kilometer reading @ JURU toll plaza
The werewolves we're a howlin' last night...

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