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Funding for Conference

My friend just received confirmation that his paper has been accepted for a conference in Singapore. The problem now is that the money he thought was supposed to be there to fund this conference, isn't actually there. It was supposed to be there, but since something happened, it's not there anymore and it seems that it is difficult to make reappear once again. Not that it got stolen or anything, it's just because the guy (not my supervisor...) in charge of the grant did not send a report to the funders. Hehehehehe. Well, partially it's the guy's fault also. But I think it's also the fault of the funder... since it never stated when the report should be given, and how it should look like. And since it's the first time this guy is handling a grant, then he didn't know this was supposed to be done.... 

Tap takpe.. a learning curve :D And also, now he knows the ever winding labyrinth of bureaucracy that exists in govt. or semi-govt. institutions :D Selamaaat.

PS:- Now, where to get the $$$. Would it be ok if he used his own dough, just this once? Hehehehehe....


arin said...

aku ada mention nama ko kat entry aku. ingat tak ko beli shaver kat sunday market?hahahha.. :p

Alfian_Troxion said...

aku sudah baca itu entry
takkan ku beli lagi shaver 2nd hand. hahahahaha!

sumpit said...

lamanya ko tak update!

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