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Al Kisah Unit Trust

It's been a while since I've blogged. Today I am reblogging so that my blog doesn't look goblog-ly empty :) Ok. I want to story about my unit trust agent. I have a UT agent, who is quite different from many agents I've seen before. Even the manner in which he started to promote his business was quite nice. Instead of terusss buat head-hunting, he showed how his investment affected his own finances. For me, there's no better way to promote something then from experience. Anywayz, long story short... now he is handling my Public Mutual UT matters. And since I was also an agent before (tapi lesen dah mati pasal tak aktif dan tak renew), I see him as a good agent who updates his clients frequently, irrespective of investment amount :)

So, kot2 la sapa2 ada soalan about UT, maybe I can direct you to him. Don't worry... no commission for me (this post is not motivated by $$$ iye). At least buleh tolong kawan. He himself tak pernah suruh promo... but kot2 la sapa2 ada questions about UT, maybe can ask him la. He seems to be a good agent. The likes I've never seen before (but maybe I'm just naive, and tak banyak experience dealing with agents? hahahaha!). Ok. Itu saja utk hari ini. Terima kasih.

Ingat nama iniii... Suleiman Akhlaken (this sentence has no relationship with this post)


Anonymous said...

Boleh bagi nama n no contact agent UT coz i punya agent sgt xambik tau....tqsm


Alfian_Troxion said...

Assalaam aleykom Jue

No tepon dia tak tak leh kasik ke tak online ni, takut2 dia nak privatekan
but email dia ni:

aziz_mahat DEKAT yahoo TITK com

Of course ganti dekat dengan '@' and Titik dengan '.'

Salaam :)

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