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Riverside Corner Lot Office Room Ku

My office room is next to a beautiful river. Home to wildlife such as the talapia fish (I think it was a talapia) and biawak lizard yg. selalu nampak cuba lintas jalan tu... and on some occasions they unfortunately end up as roadkill. Kasian... My room is also a 'corner lot', which would cost a lot if it were a landed property, hehehe. Cuma semalam I was told by my frens that a mak guard (who now dah berhenti) had an encounter with what we'd common refer to as a 'hantu'. Baju putih n rambut panjang. Anywayz, I hope that Allaah will protect me from encounters with such beings :) Tapi takpe, apa pon, ini lah dia 'sungai' yang saya buleh nampak dari tingkap nak masuk ke bilik opis saya :D Sekian, wassalaam :D

Ok. Bukan sungai la actually. Longkang/Parit?


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