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First entry in years! - Cili Story

Assalaam ‘Aleykom Warahmatullaahi Wabarakaatuh and a Good Day

Today insya-Allaah is a new day, for I have found interest in blogging, again. My first blog isn’t that much updated nowadays, and frankly speaking, I don’t even know what it’s all about when I visited it a few days back. :P

My second blog, which is supposed to be a kick-in-the-rear-end for me to get-up-and-go for fitness, was also abandoned. That one was more of a discipline problem rather than not knowing what to blog about :P

Anyway, I hope that this time, I will consistently blog (not everyday though). And hopefully also, my ramblings will be enjoyed by my fellow readers.

All ritey then… I shall begin with the story of our chilly tree. As in cabai-hidop… Quite a hot spicey plant/herb/fruit (which category is it anyway? Anybody?)

Rumah kitorang kat Nibong tebal ni, ada a small (puny actually) stretch of tanah-land. Around 1-meter X 6-meters. So my lovely wife, Puan Nor Shazwan decided to plant some… well, plants!

She tanams serai (lemon-grass), kunyit (tumeric), daun sup (cilantro), daun ku
cai (kucai leaf), daun pudina (mint leaf), daun kesom (kesom leaf), daun pegaga (pegaga leaf), limau purut (at the moment for its kafir leaves), daun ckari (curry leaf) and of course, chillies (the big ones).

Ni gambar mini-orchard kita orang.

The story of the chilly is the topic for this entry, because it is the only documented plant that we managed to process into a food-stuff. After waiting a few short weeks (or was it months?), the chilies looked like this:

But, it paled in comparison with chilly orang sebelah… Padahal benih dapat dari kitorang gaks. Uhu hu hu hu...:

Actually this was because they did not tuai or harvest (bak kata omputeh) the produce like we did. They just left it to become red. That’s why they’re so so beautiful… and of course, I am so so ‘green’. Kekekeke. Ok, acah je tu. I am not jealous. As a matter of fact, I marvel at the fact that a simple chilly plant can look so marvelous! Masha-Allaah.

Anywayz…Ok. Here are the produce from our chilli plants (we have more than 1 pokok a
ctually). Ada jugak yang red in color rupanya! :D

The size maybe like chili padi (something like Mexican chillies). But, believe me, it’s cabai hidup (big chillies). Maybe our soil is not that fertile. Walaupun Puan Shazwan dah letak baja this and that... I think might need som cow-dung… yes, I will try that. Lots of stray-cows here...


Lepas dah harvest, I thought about what to make:

  • Cut them up and add with kuey-tiow goreng? Nope, too many. Would die of excess acid in stomach.
  • Put on Pizza? Inventory check… no pizza base material and no tomato based paste and also, no cheese. Besides, ada ke orang letak cili2 macam ni atas pizza  And also the fact of possible death due to excess acid.
  • Cili sumbat!  Alpyan doesn’t like. Ngeh ngeh ngeh. And the chilly acid thingy, again.
  • Make chilli kering! Aiyaa, boleh beli kat kedai. Take too long anyway. No chilly acid factor here, for dried chillies can be stored and put away.
  • Masak sop cili! --?Ada ke?
After countless hours of uneventful brainstorming, I decided to ask my wife. Dia buat simple je. She took the chillies, stirred up some sort of liquid concoction, asked me for a container… and VOILA!


Ok. Now why didn’t I think of that. Maybe I am not a big fan of jeruk. But when she made this one, I ate it like apples. (For thou toilet shall call you often now!!!)

Now that’s why I’m married to this woman. Can solve any problem I give her. Hehehehe. And with the added bonus of enjoying the pickled chilies of course...

Anyway, we had it with many dishes. Kuey-tiow would be the best of course, but I wonder why until now, belum makan makan lagi dengan kuey-tiow. Puan Nor Shazwan is a great cook… and with the added chilies… jadik lagik sodap! Alhamdulillaah, get a so good wife one…


Itu lah dia the story of chilly. As you might realize, my spelling of cili might be varying thru out this blog (I think). That’s because I don’t know the correct spelling. I will go to now.

PS:- Lepas ni nak post cerita pasal ikan :)


Alfian said...

ok. aku mmg tak malu. komen blog sendiri. Hua hua hua!

Nak tengok comment settings jalan ke tak. hehehe

bye bye

konot said...

jawa... suruh aaaaa wan citer camner nak buat cili jeruk!

Alfian said...

baiklah Konot.
Tapi yg konpom Cuka + Garam.
Kalau ada extra, aku tak sure.

Ayu said... jawa dah blog balik! :P
and what a comeback story!! hehehe..

nice to have you back.

- aku yang dari dulu dok rasa2 cam nak tanam cili kat sini tapi tak tertanam2.... :P ...

Alfian said...

Tq Ayu :) I am back insya-Allaah. Kali ni ngan objektif burbeza... lepas ni kalau ada masa nak customize blog nye look lagi. :D

kleenex.18607 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mas said...

Yey, he has return from coma!

p/s Jgn habiskan masa aku dah lagi lepas ni. Asyik kerja gi lawat hang punya blog tapi tarak update :P


Alfian said...

Mas: hua hua hua. Baiklah Mas. tak sangka plak ko lawat2 gak blog2 aku tu. hehehehe. lepas ni insya-Allaah akan aku update selalu. tapi bukan hari2 la. :P

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