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Fitness and Fatness


If you're fit, then most probably you're not fat. BUT! U can still be fat whilst being fit :) But mostly no la... cuz if yer fat, that means you are not eating and exercising right. And most probably also you are a smoker or an over-eater :)

Anyway, if you want to be fit... just simply choose not to be fat. The choice is simple, yet not easy for most :) As I am now still struggling to choose to not be fat and instead be fit... just like Marathon-runner-Triathlete Hairul Azwar Hashim Mustappa. :)

Oh! And also regarding the topic of muscle a.k.a. otot2. Muscle is good. If you have lots of muscle, then that would most probably mean you have very2 little amounts of fat! Which is good! Because that would most probably make your vascularity very2 noticable! (vascularity ni maksudnye nampak urat2 darah terjojol jojol).

Tapi ni bukan badan saya la. Ni mamat mana ntah yang flex muscle kat Internet. One day insya-Allaah, buleh jadik macam ni. Something like Sudin from Pendekar Bujang Lapok?

But aa... there is also the case of being a muscleman BODYBUILDER! Being a moderate natural bodybuilder should be ok, because you are not going for a massive physique. BUT! If you are into the mainstream PRO BODYBUILDING SCENE, where Steroids mmg macam susu harian, then you would be very2 ugly to the eye. Becuz who on earth can say that this is beautiful?


Anyway, choose to be fit :D Not fat like me. I too want to be fit, but I am now battling Mr PALL MALL 14 (Pall Mall Lights 14 batang nye rokok), and also Mr and Mrs Oily Foods incorporated :D Anywayz, insya-Allaah one day I will prevail... and insya-Allaah I will open a fitness center for men and women... lain2 bangunan so that takde malu2 :D

Ok. That's the end of today's NON-PHD work. Dang... ada je kerja lain nak buat selain buat kerja PhD ek? Termasuk la membebel pasal fitness, fatness dan otot :)
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