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Alhamdulillaahirobbil'aalameen :D

I have reason to be so thankful, for with His permission, the GNC sales rep (Mee See from GNC Malaysia) called me just now... Firstly she mentioned EXCHANGE... but after I politely explained that I had no interest in other GNC products... EXCHANGE was transformed into REFUND :) Again, Praise be to Allaah :D

So, tomorrow insya-Allaah I will go and ask for my money back. Well, it won't be money I think. It would just be my credit card being credited... (or is it debited?). Hmmmm....

Anywayz... I have learned a lot from all this actually. Among the lessons that I've learned (and hopefully some of you could also benefit from, where relevant):

  1. It always pays to keep your head, and not just start yapping at the first sales-person who messed up your purchase. Be polite in correspondences... emails and phone-calls should not be harsh. Harsh requests get Harsh replies,
  2. RENNET is actually permissible based on Imam Abu Hanifah's opinion. Even though his student had different views, Imam Abu Hanifah said that, even though the RENNET is extracted from an animal (except clearly haraam ones like Pigs and Dogs etc...) that is not slaughtered the Islamic way, it can still be consumed! ... BUT! It's best to abstain :D,
  3. Stuff made from MILK is not necessarily halaal. This is rather unfortunate... because who could ever think that MILK can become haraam? I have discovered that, some processes involve the use of animal derived substances... and mostly, all these processes are done overseas, not under any Halaal Organization's supervision or at least, observation,
  4. LECHITIN is actually animal based, unless stated otherwise!!!
  5. the "E" based food additives (e.g. emulsifiers, conditioners etc), are mostly non-halaal... or ENTIRELY non-halaal,
  6. FLAVORING!!! Mostly, if not stated as being from plant origin, then it's from animal origin. So no for vegetarian and vegans :( And also Muslims :D,
  7. You can actually get in contact with the companies directly if you have any questions regarding the production of their products!!! :D
And many more, but I also don't remember oredi :D

Anyway, this was an interesting experience. The back and forth emails with GNC... The phone calls with their customer service... The questions I asked some "shieks" here in USM regarding what to do if the powder was indeed haraaamz :P

OH! And the REFUND I got :) This is actually something you won't see that often in Malaysia... but I think it will be on the rise soon. As Malaysia consumers are getting smarter by the next-inflation :D

I'd like to thank some of my frens who have guided me along the way... to stay straight and not to go astray... even in these so called "small" matters (hey, if you get small2 barakah or pahala, it will insya-Allaah help shorten your Hell-time... rite? :P)....

But actually it ain't that small la bila pikir balik... because eating non halaal stuff is clearly not allowed in Islam. And I know that most people, would prefer to ignore the small signs and just 'hantam' your ways thru the food section at the supermarket. Cuz, yeah, I understand... it would be weird to really2 study the food label... to make sure it's entirely halaal. And it would also be weird to suspect that a cake mixture could contain pig-derived ingredients. All of this is ... UN-natural to do...... and its soo inconvenient!!! Besides... many think that... God is so lenient....

I heard in a ceramah once... (and I'm sure most f you have also).... During the last days (which is happening now I think), the weird people will be the ones getting the good tidings in the end. Those who go the extra mile to ensure the basics are all set straight... and also those who go the extra mile to learn the intermediate and advanced rules. Those who put in seemingly 'trivial' effort to ensure the right path is followed.

I don't mean to preach or poke anyone's nose here... But I think it would be worth it to be weird... at least a bit.. not much :) At least in the area of Food Selection for starters :D Cuz like another ceramah-er mentioned... "God sees what you do, even if it's as big as a small mustard seed" :D So why not after this... we start to get a bit weird... Of course not for all foods... but for food that we have some doubt over :) Look and INSIST for the halaal 'chop'. Tak kisah la JAKIM, THAILAND or AUSTRALIA.. or even JEPUN kalau ada :D For me, as long as there's an organization saying that it's halaal, then it's OK :D But if they have only that "HAA LAM ALIP LAM" (like on the new Twisties apa ntah...), then I think it should be avoided. I mean... why risk time in hell and polluting your body over a snack/junk food that doesn't have any certification? Seriously... kalau buat slow2, lama2 jadik habbit. It's also like what Anthony Robbins is saying in some of his tapes....

Nuero-Associative-Conditioning :D Hehehehe. Jadikkan habit n in the end jadik natural.

Haaa... ok dok?

Anyway,... back to the point of God being lenient... tetiba teringat pulak bab ni.

Well.. I believe that God is merciful. But He's also not a fool. I mean.. He's GOD for GOD's sake :D He gave us brains to think... to make the best decision possible. If there's something that we're unsure about... the message was clear in the prophet's last sermon... refer to what he left behind... the Quran and Sunnah. There's actually no reason not to anymore nowadays :) There's Google... Google a 'hukum' and insya-Allaah you will find it. But of course, you need to filter the goods from the bads... Cuz not everything from the Internet is true aa :D

And if you don't beleive the Internet, go and ask a sheikh :D Or an ustaz. You must know someone... But in case you don't, then realize that ure messed up a bit and go and get to know one :D Preferaby today :D

Beleive me, it will be worth your while :D

No matter what... I strongly believe that the effort counts as something... as a matter of fact, something BIG... as we are striving to get something straight. To get the truth! Even if in the end, even if we accidentally received false information and accidentally ter-BEDAL a particular haraam food... we already know that we did our best to find out. And the only thing we could do after, is to repent (I think), and not eat that particular food anymore :D ... Furthermore, lepas tu we would know better on how to look for info... as the previous search yielded something lacking, the next search (if presented the chance) will insya-Allaah be better :)

Sure2 masuk dalam book punya :) And yeah,... I think we never know... that maybe these small things, can have a high account during the day where we stand in front of the all mighty, to answer some q's ... and also to see how our scale tilts :) More sin than barakah? Or the other way round which is more preferred :D

Ok... panjang dah saya nulis. Walau macam mana pon.. I am happy :D Alhamdulillaahi robbil 'aala meeen :D Esok g amik Refund la kot... n oso pi main game tennis kat game arcade :P

Okes... Assalaam aleykom WBT and Have A Nice Remainder of yer day :D


EyesOfNabil said...

uit alpyan....ko tulis panjang2..ko tau tak attention span seorang yg browse the web bila dia browse blog seseorang akan start to get LOST bila dia kena scroll byk2 kali ke bawah ^_^

Entry ko ni brp byk kali scroll takpe...idea tgh byk...lenkali be safe dulu jgn sori kemudian ^_^

Dpt duit refund tu gi sedekah kat masjid sket sempena ari Jumaat yg mulia ini. ^_^

Alfian_Troxion said...

hahahaha.... aku tau la mat nabil. tapi since ni blog, so tak kisah la. sapa nak baca maka baca la. Alaa.. entry2 aku kali ni pon lebih kurang sama panjang ngan entry2 kau apa. kekekekeke.

Utk blog ni, aku tak guna pon teknik HCI yang dicadangkan oleh Schneiderman ataupun Nielsen. Eh... japs... ada kot sket sket... tapi takpe. Len kali aku tulis pendek2 la supaya attention span pembaca tak hilang :D

:: azrul hazri jantan :: said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
:: azrul hazri jantan :: said...

Sori mat, terpaksa delete komen aku yang terdahulu.. ada kesilapan frasa bahasa.. haha.. ;)

Refund mat.. jangan tak refund.. kalau dapat cash refund, bak meh 2 hinggit (aku pun nak main game arcade :p ) tapi tak mau lawan tenis sama ko, aku nak main tembak-tembak aa.. kui kui kui..
Nanti sampai sunway izinkan aku mat.. aku nak ayat 2 orang gadis melayu yang telah memperdayakan kita tempoh hari.. haha.. aku akan ingat pesan ko, jangan ganas-ganas eh.. :) aku ayat cara baik punye..

Anyway.. congrats.. ko telah berjaya mempertahankan hak ko sebagai pelanggan !!! hua hua hua :)

m2rs said...

Hey, that't gggrrrreat to hear, congrats!!!

'Usaha' anda tanpa cepat give up telah membuahkan hasil akhirnya. Ni kalau dalam research pun beretika begitu, cepat siap PhD nih, he he he...:)

m2rs said...

Oh lupa nak cakap tadi, about EON's comment, a'ah, mula2 saya baca semua ayat, lama2 selang2 beberapa ayat, sampai kat bawah2 tu, tinggal scroll aje ke bawah tapi tak baca dah yg lelain tuh, baca last sentence aje :P

Oh btw, tak tahu la dah settle ke belum but anyway, good luck to EON for the proposal presentation! Lepas ni boleh la cuti sekolah bersama isteri tercinta dgn aman :)

EyesOfNabil said...

Pian, aku punya nmpk pjg2 tp ada intermission gamba :D (mcm entry fitness n fatness ko tu)...tu aku senang baca...^_^

ehehe tq ^_^ ni tgh nak cuti la ni..yay!!!

Alfian_Troxion said...

mat nabil: hehehe. tauuu. tu la pasal aku nye entry2 lately2 ni pendek2 dan banyak intermission. ataupun kadang2 gambo semata mata :D yang tu je pon aku nampak panjang sket. tapi tu pon sebab ada benda nak tulis. lepas tu..ada niat lain lagi tu... nak nengok apa adsense yang bakal keluar. Hua hua hua!!!! niat jahat... niat jahat

Mas: tq tq Mas :D Ye la... berbuah gak akhirnya hasil tanaman aku :P Tapi tu la.. harap2 semua ok la. sebab petang ni baru aku nak pi buat refund tu. U never know what will happen. Bak kata Kid Rock... ONLY GOD KNOWS (why....)

AHJ: Mari mari mari kita pi main gem :P hehehehehe. Takpe mat. aku pon nak perdaya dua orang minah tu... hua hau hua!!!!

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