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Body For Life - Again... Dont marah ye :P

Assalaam aleykom WBT and A very2 good day.

I beleive I have already written on the subject matter of the BODY FOR LIFE book. But due to a request from one of my blog readers, I will attempt to my very best insya-Allaah to summarize the book, ...again :P... which lost me around 6 kilograms (of fat and a bit of muscle I suppose) in a bit over 2-months :) And not to mention also... without following any starvation diet what so ever. Just plain old common sense, and of course... elbow grease :D

Well... where do I start.

Body For Life was written by EAS founder (or was he co-founder), Bill Phillips. The guy is a fitness buff, and I must say he managed to write a pretty straight forward and simple (but not easy!) to follow book/program. Actually, there's a dedicated website for Body For Life... The website of course will be filled with foto orang2 'bogel' :P Sebab there are many before and after pics... (BEFORE GEMOK!!! AFTER FABULOUS!!!) :) But of course, not totally naked... only girls and guys in underwear like attire :)

Okes. Basically the book tells you two things. ONE... eat properly. TWO... get of your ass!!! :D (There's actually a book with the title... Try googling the title GET OFF YOUR ASS! Marty Tulley if I'm not mistaken is the author).

Let me explain... even though this info. might be useful for the one who requested this topic... others could also gain some experience and 'refreshment' insya-Allaah :)


  • Basically, contratry to popular practice and belief, you need to eat more in order to lose weight :) I think I talked about this before... tapi takpe.... Yeps! Get your plates ready guys and gals, cuz the food frenzy is a comin'!!! Ok ok. Let me clarify. In a nutshell, the book tells you to eat 5-meals per day. Don't know about the latest edition, but when I last read it, old Mr Bill asked me to get my tummy filled 5-times each day!!! (preferably 3-4 hours apart la tapi...).
  • But please do hold yer horses... because it's not the normal nasik + binatang (ayam, beef etc.) + teh-o Ais Limau with 5-tonnes of sugar... Basically, you need to have a balance of healthy proteins and carbohydrates (carbs). Mr Bill outlined a very2 simple formula. CARBS portion (as big as your clenched fist) + PROTEIN portion (also the same size). Basically you need to have this per every meal. Veggies? Hantam saja lah!!! Apa2 pon ok rasanya :D
  • Of course, cook it in a health/healthier/healthiest way. Do not deep fry, butter fry, fat fry or what ever non healthy way of cooking :) The way I did it was basically... for example... Baked Chicken Breast + Rice (or any other complex carb srouce.). Of course the main challenge was to make it tasty. Saya x pandai sangat pasal nak kasik sedap, so the normal salt n pepper n kicap were my loyal friends :D


  • Okes. Basically for this... you'd need to do CARDIO/AEROBICS and WEIGHTS.
  • CARDIO/AEROBICS... ialah basically benda2 yang boleh kasik your heart come up to the fat burning + metabolismic conditioning zone :) Ok. In the book, he reccommends a 20-minute interval training thinggy... which I liked very2 much! Senang nak ikut walaupun mula2 buat akan semput...
  • WEIGHTS... as the name implies... angkat berat :) And don't worry... jangan plak fikir if you angkat berat, you will get ketul ketul. People... you know how DIFFICULT IT IS TO GET THOSE KETUL KETUL! Dayem... If bodybuilders could get their bodies like that just by angkat-ing besi2 berat, the sport wont even exist! There's more to getting those muscles out that meets the eye :) So... don' takut to lift up weights :) Seriously... But of course, don't lift more than you can lah. Kang tercabut plak tulang dan ligamen2 gantung...

Hah... dah, tu je la basically what the Body For Life book is about :) TAPI! If you wanna get the most from the book, of course kena beli and read it for your self. There're motivational stories, pictures of past Body For Life Challange (look at the website for this), some tips from the author dan banyak lagi. OH! And of course there's the supplement push. You see, this book is made from EAS Sports n Nurtition origin... so sah2 la dia orang akan push their products :) Just ignore the protein powders, meal-replacements etc. Not only are they unneceesary and cost you an atom bomb, the HALAAL status of these supplements are also in doubt. So, kalau nak ikut, insya-Allaah, stick to natural food. I know I did, and Alhamdulillaah, lost 5-6 kilos... :D

Okes. It saja ini kali. Tq for reading and happy Weight-Losting my fren :D


azwad said...

Thanks bro! Just in time to get ready for the fasting month as well!

I hope you can clarify the types of cardio exercise that are best to do. I've read that sprinting and squatting exercise are better than crunching and sit ups. I'm more concern about the abs because that the first thing that stand out from a man.

For the girls that would be...the humps! Heheheheh!. Ok, Ramadhan is coming. Just a little parting shot.

Alfian_Troxion said...

Azwad: Ok. Cardio excercise are those that elevate yer heart rate over a span of time=X :P hehehehe. and usually, X is around 20-30 mins. And this elevation should ideally be continuous. Sprinting is too short termed to be real cardio. Squatting, sit ups and crunches fall under muscle training... and is not cardio :) sebab it is mainly targeted strengthening and toning the muscles.

The easiest (and to me the agak boring type) is running. You can do like what Body For Life (BFL) outlines. 20mins total.... divide into 5 minute intensity variations. basically... the first minute you walk, second walk faster... third run a bit... fourth run faster faster... fifth... run at 70-80% or 90% energy :D Then start of the next 5 mins... ulang balik :) This worked for me alhamdulillaah.

Other types of cardio... biking... stationary bike, treadmill, aerobic riders (tak reccommend, pasal cepat boring)... elyptical machine... :D

kalau tak nak buat style interval macam kat atas... buleh buat cara lain. Elevate yer heart rate into the fat burning zone... and try to keep it there for 20-30 mins. macam lagi berat :P sebab kena maintain lamaa :( uwaaaaaaaaaaa!! hehehehe....

Anywayz... if ure interested, I can lend you another book. BURN THE FAT FEED THE MUSCLE. :D

okes. hope that helps :D

azwad said...

Ok, bro. I'll get off my ass soon enough. There's just a lot of information out there and some contradict each other. I rather listen to someone who's been there and done that, without pushing any product. Currently, the only exercise I've been doing is walking around the Court complex, around the city after office and around my neighbourhood.

I'm quite good in terms of proper eating :) I've kind of get used to several tasteless food for a while now.

dLyn aZmi said...

aku ingat ko nak featuring alpyan sadig segaraga as the cover guy :P

Alfian_Troxion said...

Azwad: No prob. bro. I am not a product pusher... n I've experienced the whole fat loss thing first hand. But of course, since I am not disciplined... I am now back to 20%++ body fat percentage. Hua hua hua! Anyway, basically... I think ure on de right track... as you say you've been able to get used to tasteless food... so senang la nak ikut any fat loss or fitness program. hehehe. And also knowing your body type.. I think it would be less of a hassle to get thos six packs out. Sebab ko bukan macam aku... aku ni jenis fat-accumulator dari zaman2 MRSM lagi :P okes. I reccommend any good book la. Ones that I know of are of course BFL (good for beginners), Burn the Fat Feed The Muscle, MuscleNow (mahal dah sekarang... dayem :P) and also Get Off Your ass... But basically, any book yang cerita pasal not-following-shortcuts, insya-Allaah buleh percaya. Oh.. lupa plak.. try to avoid all those diets... macam South beach diet ke... ATKINS diet ke... and oso any other diet... like I said... diet is DIE with a T :P

Dlyn: Tak leh lagi Lyn. Nanti orang termuntah tengok lemak dan bulu2. Hua hua hua!

:: azrul hazri jantan :: said...

bila mahu start la mamat..haha..asyik postpone aje..semalam siang bantai buffet hotel, malam kasi kojol sekor jenahak..hari nie ntah apa plak?..hua hua hua..

Alfian_Troxion said...

takpe. nanti start... lepas... lepas... Raya! Hua hua hua! yo yo on je ye dok :P

yaya|azura said...

tima kasih alpian di atas info itu tadi, skrg kita berbalik semule ke dapur cik kiah.. hmm.. nampaknye cik kiah sedang menyudip apa di kuali itu??? haaa.... pati ikan haruan .. har har har.. ehh..

alpian, skrg ni otot2ku sdg sengal belaka hasil daripada penderaan fizikal trainer aku... tapi takpe, no pain no gain tapi aku kena tingkatkan tenaga endurance aku yg sangat lemah nie... tapi aku heran lah.. kalu aku buat shopping endurance tu, aku cam ok ja, xde lak semput ke apa ke :P

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