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Mobile Phone for the wife :) - NOKIA 2630?

Assalaam aleykom WBT

Today I would like to talk about Mobile Phone... or Cell Phone... or Telefon Bimbit... or Henpon.... etc. :)
My dear readers, insya-Allaah I will looking for a new mobile phone for my wife within this week. But the reason is not becuz she too lost her mobile whilst in de cinema :P But becuz mobile dia mmg dah lama sangat, and now there seems to be some sort of interference when she makes and receives a call. Furthermore, flip phone dia pon dah tak secure, siap kena letak getah lagi. Hehehehe... Oleh yg demikian dan in conclusion serta secara kesimpulannya, we have agreed to get a new mobile for her :)

Since my wife mainly and mostly uses her mobile phone for making calls and SMS-es only (amik gambaq pon jarang2)... so we thought a basic, but relatively latest phone would suffice. Latest here I mean, with color screen and polyphonic + MP3 capabilities of course :)

I have been looking at the NOKIA 2630... small, stylish and very2 light. Keypads aren't that bad also... unlike my Sony Erricsson K550i, di mana keypad nya halus2 belaka dan hanya dapat tahu kesusahan utk tap-tap selepas dah beli dan tulis banyak SMS :) Tapi takpe... I think I can live with it :)

Price of the NOKIA is around RM300 to RM325. And this is for the FMG (original) set. The AP (AP tu short for what ek?) patut lagik murah. Anywayz... don't want to commit anything yet, sebab kot2 there are other models from other manufacturers that are more suitable?
But en ce momment (betul ke perancis aku ni.... meaning, at the moment... :P), this seems to be the most sensible and affordable and not to mention quite ok choice :) TETAPI! Haaaa... the reason I am blogging this is to ask my fellow readers. Do you guys have any other suggestions? Kot2 la, if any of you are masters of the mobile world :)

Okes. I will insya-Allaah continue to survey for other mobile phone models. But at the moment, the NOKIA 2630 seems like the ok-est deal :) Arigato dan Assalaam aleykom WBT.


yaya|azura said...

apa kata alpian kasi resit beli phone itu pada diriku supaya aku bulih meng-claim nya... wakakakaka... :P

Alfian_Troxion said...

uit? Buleh klem ke beli henpon? Bagi mana cara nyaaaaaa.....

~ayoi~ said...

Nampak mcm best henpon yg simple itu. Kalau tak pakai function yg pelbagai, basic henpon pun dah memadai. Teringat masa zaman kita student dulu kita beratur depan blok 11 punya "hang-phone" bila nak telepon

Alfian_Troxion said...

Hua hua hua! Betul ayoi. Hang Phone tu la aku guna dulu utk tepon awek ku (yg sekarang alhamdulillaah dah jadik bini aku :P) di USA. aku dulu tak pandai sangat beli kad mula... lantas aku pi Bank Simpanan Nasional... dan aku tukar RM30 duit syilling seringgit :P sungguh genius :P

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