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Another ASUS Notebook in the Troxion Family

Assalaam aleykom WBT and A Very2 Good Day :)

The other week, I was vehemently looking for a laptop for my wife. Mula2, I opted for the easy way out... which was to go and look online. Due to my limited knowledge in hunting for online laptops, I just looked at HP-COMPAQ, and also Ahmad DELL bin Tajudeen Zawawi (asyik Jaapar je... tukar plak... tiada kaitan dengan sesiapa yg ada lorong... hehehehe).

By de way, this entry bukan nak riak takkabur or anything, but just to share the brilliance of ASUS. I am also glad to declare myself an ASUS promoter... unpaid promoter that is. Hehehehe.. Hmmm.. an idea for an ASUS affiliate blog? Hmmmm... ok ok. Mulakan story.


Ok. The laptops are priced quite ok. But I was quite drawn back by their un-user-friendly website design. Yes of course there's all the specs for the notebook PCs... but since I was expecting something like DELL's website... and the HP-COMPAQ website failed to be something like DELL... I was turned off. Furthermore, I hear that after the 1-year warranty period... COMPAQ notebooks will do some magic! Like they know the 1-year is up... the LCD will start to deteriorate, the keyboard will start acting funny etc. This is from one of the notebook dealers that I know... and also from my friend Mr. Aizal Kusyairi Cikaro Kiroro :D


Haa... this was almost a buy for me. The Malaysian DELL website was relatively user friendly. Customizing your laptop only requires expert knowledge in READING 101 as well as KNOWING HOW TO USE YOUR MOUSE 102 :) Prices? Well... in the end, I was turned off by the prices. Not to say too mahal or anything... but I find that DELL will attempt (in an unseen fashion) to pursue buyers to upgrade uncertain packages :) Namely... the extension in warranty... which would also mean an increase in the hole-size in yer wallet and pcoket :)

I customized so that I'd get the 24-months MC-AFEE as well as the 1-year on-site warranty and service and what-else-I-forget :) In the end... it was in the higher RM3000s. Almost cecah 4K!!!

Another thing... I think DELL is a company yang try to kejar2 trend sometimes, so there has been reports claiming that notebooks aren't manufactured to the best of standards. Not all... but the unlucky few... This means that sometimes ada gap in the casing, built-in camera tak jalan (which happened to my friend) etc... In con-klu-si... turned off again :) But definitely still under consideration la... sebab I did not have to physically go and get the notebook :P hehehehe. Malas nye Alpyan. Tapi takpe.


Since I was unsure, I opted to ask my fren Eddie Mustappa. He was a DELL advocate. So not much option there :P Then, my problem caught the attention of Mr. Aizal Cikaro Kiroro. He gave me the ASUS option :) I tot ASUS was selling high priced notebook PCs... cuz the last time I bought my ASUS W3, it cost almost 5K. Uwek! Terbang duit ke situ. Tapi takpe :)

But after looking at the price... and also the specs... and the NICE NICE NICE designs... (love ASUS' designs. Seriously, other laptops are copying them I believe) ... tarus I got off my rather medium-to-big-sized ass, went to BUKIT JAMBUL shopping complex in Penang, and tarus angkut an ASUS :) Ok. Takde la tarus... ada jugak la usha2 dulu sikit2. :D Alhamdulillaah, lepas beli... the only problem was Mr. Gate's VISTA. Heheheh. Biasa laa, Windows VISTA masih baru... jadi masih memerlukan lagi 2-50 Service Packs :P

Anywayz... I bought an ASUS F80 series for my wife. After adding 2% credit card charge from de kedai... it came to a reasonable RM3K ++ bill. And it was at the lower 3K region :) Ok I think for the specs below:

  • Intel Core Duo ... 2.0Ghz with 2(ke 3? Lupa pulak...)Mb L2 Cache, 667Mhz FSB
  • 4GB Ram
  • 250GB Hard Disk (5.4K rpm)
  • External Display (ATI Mobility Radeon 256Mb)
  • 2.39 kilogram (sangat ringan compared to my previous notebook PC)
  • Spill proof keyboard
  • 14.1" WXGA monitor (whatever WXGA is anywayz....)
  • Builtin 1.3Mp webcam (tapi tak buleh rotate. Takpe, nanti buleh senget2 kan monitor)
  • Speaker Altec bin Lansing bin Tajudeen Sulaiman
  • Warranty International 2 tawon!!! Ok gak tu :)
  • And also... the very2 cantik design :D
Annywayz... Alhamdulillaah, my wife liked the laptop very2 much. Memula dia nak beli DELL Studio yang ada kaler2 tu. But after getting the ASUS, sonyumm je aku nengok? Walaupun kaler itam... tetapi ok aje. Ini mungkin kerna... Hitam Itu Menawan. Kekekekeke :P Macam husband dia gak le kot... dekat2 nak itam dan menawan (menawan dia sorang je la... tetapi tidak menawan Siti Nurhaliza. Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!)

Okes... Anywayz... saya tak snap gambau lagi. But from the ASUS website, I think this is the model lah. Minus the Thumb-Print thinggy tapi. Insya-Allaah, this laptop will be used for the greater good of man... and woman kind :D Assalaam aleykom WBT dan Salaaam Muhibbah dari Alfian Troxion dot Blogspot dot Com :D

All pics from the ASUS website...


yaya|azura said...

lawo tuh.. aku igt nk angkat satu baru.... hihihi.. yg ada webcam, leh aku ber-webcam di mlm hari ngan kao alpian. hahaha.. errr... eh! akak... :P

azwad said...

Ok le tu.

Lenovo pun ok. Masih jaga kredibility IBM.

Toshiba pun ok.

Twinhead memang ok tapi mahal.

Alfian_Troxion said...

Yaya: Yaa.. belilah webcam. nanti leh nampak ko makan donut malam2 hari. heheheheh :P

Azwad: Brand2 tu pon ok gaks :) Lenovo nampak macam makin ok deisng dia... Toshiba sah2 la. Grade A laptop. Geng ngan Fujitsu n IBM dan rakan2 yg kat atas sana yg menyediakan high end laptops :) Twinhead... kurang arif. Tapi macam ok. hehehe... Apa cerita PRESTIGIO ek? Dulu mak aku ada beli... tahan gak.. tapi dia nye external build je kurang lasak. Internal (chips, processor etc) macam ok :)

eddie said...

aikss... aku advocate msoft ka? Dell maybe.. mainly coz of support and ease of cutomizing your order..

tapi msoft? aduihssss

Alfian_Troxion said...

hahaha! sorry mamat. tersilap tulis. masa aku dah habis tulis n baca balik, aku baru teringat yg kau dulu mana ada advocate MS. Cuma ko cakap yang DELL built for VISTA... in short MS la. hehehe. takpe takpe. nanti aku padam. kekekekeke :P

Retraction will be made :P

landen said...

cayala jawa..opis aku baru tukar laptop HP-Compaq 6910p...boleh la tahan...

~ayoi~ said...

Tak try tgk Acer? Tetiba teringat lagu iklan Acer

Acer is the best
Far above the rest

Alfian_Troxion said...

landen: HP Compaq... ok gak le. cuma orang kat alepas 1 tawon dia nye computer mula jahannam :P

Ayoi: Acer? Hehehe. Dari zaman kilang Matsushita aku dah mula anti ACER> Adaaa je problem. Lepas tu tahun 2005 kot? Student buat Final Year presentation... pon sama ada masalah takleh ngam ngan projektor :(

Aini Razali@ Ainor said...

en. pyan.. den tak tau sangat psal laptop nie.. compaq den pun hubby den bolikan.. memula nak amik toshiba satellite tapi dah abis stok lak! :((... dapat compaq pun jadiklah lagi pun den bukan advance sangat hahahhaa....tapi satu je den tak suko psai berat sangat...
asus memang ok sbb laki den kalo repair pc memang pakai asus punya motherboard (kalo den tak silaplah). ari tu hubby den boli asus EEE pc den rasa jeles sekejap tapi bila tgok skrin kecik benor den naik nyampah... mcm manapun den tetap sayang compaq den... lupa nak ucap selamat berpose kepada en. pyan sekeluarga...

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