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BOYCOTT: The test is greater for others.

Chemical Weapon Victim in Ghaza. And they were looking for the stock piles of WMD at Saddam's house... Sheeesh...

(A good read for Malaysians at my bro's blog HERE)

In Malaysia, we're urged to boycott many western products that have links to the Zionist government of Israel. Famous brands such as McDonalds, KFC, Tesco and even Kit Kat has been named as products or services to be boycotted (is there such a word?). And cigarettes... that goes without saying! (Even Sampoerna has links somehow; I hear lah... from an Indonesian buddy... Gudang Garam takpe dia orang kata... for that's fully Indon made).

Well, I for one agree with this. We should try, to our best of capabilities, and avoid such products and services. Seriously, you won't die by not eating a Big Mac for the rest of your life. And Kit Kat has never been a healthy part of any nation's balanced diet! So, I think it's quite easy for use to avoid these... 'treats' of life :) If the craving's too powerful... substitute! Go for teh tarik at a mamak stall? Or make ure own burger! Just mince some meat, along with some herbs and spices... salt... peppah!.. make it into a patty... and VOILA! A burger is created... of course have to cook first lah, unless U are a true carnivore :)

But at the same time, I also realize the great many people who have their very livelihoods at stake. For instance, Muslims... who before, did not know (like many of us) about these ties to Zion. Inspiring entrepreneurs trying to make it big in the franchise business. Decided to open up a McDa's (this is how Ozzi's pronounce it), and yeahoo!!! The bucks are coming in. For these people, yes it will be hard. Very HARD as a matter of fact. Because, how do you boycott your income stream that has been feeding yer family for the past... i dunno... 10-30 years? And not to mention the great lifestyle that these people have grown accustomed to from their hard earned cash....

It's easy for me... a govt... well, semi- govt. servant to say. I am not incrementing my life's savings based on a franchise... or by managing a hypermarket chain that has ties to suku sakats of Ariel Sharon :( .... So... I also dunno la. How to say :( For the normal workers... well... that should be no problem, because work at fast food chains for example, is normally part time. Even the managers aren't earning a bow-wow of an income at these places. So I think to berhenti is almost a no brainer (almost la... ada gak faktor2 lain). But for the owners... man, will it be hard. If I continue, I am a Zionist supporter in more ways than 1. If I stop... Aiya... how to feed mon famille?

But in the end, it's a test. Everything comes from Allaah. From the things that we would generally positively expect (such as $$$, food, cars, houses etc.), and also things that we would negatively expect (e.g. illness, business gone bad, accidents, divorce etc.). ALSO... are the things that we DONT expect :) Of course there are also the negatives and positives in this area also...

But back to the point where everything comes from Allaah. If the BIG PICTURE IS... to try and cripple the Zionist domination of the world... then I think the call should be accepted. This would mean to quit the profitable businesses... To stop any relation with any Zion based money making schemes etc. I realize the test is HUMONGOUS! COLOSSAL as a matter of fact. But as responsible Muslims... who really2 abhor what happened in the Gaza strip... we should take the challenge.

I for one... again realize that I am just talking here. Because it's not my livelihood at stake. And not the livelihood of my family members. I am for one (and I am not saying this with joy), am a bit glad this responsibility, this test, has not fallen on me. I am only responsible to play my small role of avoiding products and services that I know have links to Israel, and also possibly other actions that can contribute to my not supporting them. But for big businesses owned by Muslims, who know they are owned by the bad Jews... the test is heavy. Really heavy. To stop working means a lot. 

But then again, there are other things that can be done. I mean... like many rich people say, Rezeki ada di mana mana :) And one rich man once said, there's a TON of money out there... you just gotta know how to get it :D So, maybe for those affected... boleh try to do something else? I dunnno. I really dunno what to rekemen. But what I do know... the support must stop.

I think a worth remembering note is that... God tests the best of us with the heaviest of tests... Hmmmm....

A word of inspiration though... God is fair. God gives to those who deserve... those who have sacrificed... for those who go on the right path... God's reward will be there... and most of the time, it's from the Positive Unexpected part :) insyaAllaah...

okes... selamat :D


.e.y.e.k.n.e.e. said...

Hidup JAWA!!heheh.. yeah.. i too believe God tests the bests of us.. and there's certainly hikmah hidden somewhere that we usually fail to capture cos we're always busy condemning our fate.. on the cause, we shud do our best to support it.. n our best is subjective for each individual.. God knows what's in the heart..

PS - indon is a politically incorrect term.. ;P

azwad said...

I agree with you.
These are trying times for all of us.

We should do our best to boycott those that can we live without.
If only there are substitutes for Microsoft product, IBM based PC, Apple etc. Nak guna Linux tak tahu sebab aku tak ambil PHD Computer Science :).

We should boycott the western international banks as well.
Bye-bye Citibank (eventhough I admire vikram Pandit), HSBC, Stanchart etc

Alfian_Troxion said...

hehehe. betui betui. tq for supporting :) I too am trying my best to do without things I dont need. but when we're surrounded by millions of western products linked to Israel... mmg payah. Like Azwad said la... Msoft, Apple (aiyo... steve oh steve... I like his Stamford speech tho...) dll.

Oraitey... tq for reading. tak tau pulak ko masuk blog aku wahai kenit. hehehe.

Oh... and I use the term Indon even with my Indon (pun intended :P) frens. takpe je :P kekekekekeke....

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