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Watchmen - Now Showing In Cinemas

Will GSC saman me for copying this pic off their website?


I've just finished my Thursday seminar session. Talked about my current PhD research progress. It went quite ok considering my lack of preparation. I got some very2 useful and interesting feedback and tips, especially from Dr. Rosalina, Dr. Waffa as well as my beloved supervisor Dr. Mandava Rajeswari :D 

Anywayz, as usual, I waited to the (almost) very last minute to prepare my slides. Ended up making around 80++ slides for my presentation. Maybe the fonts were a bit big. And it's been like, three sleepless nights... Aiyo gazambo. I will truly... not underestimate slide-making, ever again! HIAH KARATE!!! Anywayz... :)

Now I want to go tengok movie. The movie ticket, I've already purchased online from GSC. And the cinema of choice is at Queensbay Mall, Penang. Well... not to say cinema of choice la... but since that's the only choice I have here. Paling dekat, and got arcade that houses my favorite tennis game... POWER SMASH 2!!! Hiah! Cuma takde Federer la. It is like... since 2001-02? or 03? Quite old. They have Power Smash 3... but takde orang install lagi pon kat Mesia ni? Anywayz... I am penat. And I need to unwind a bit. Just hope tak tertidoq kat cinema :D

Okes. Watchmen. I came across the website a few weeks ago. Found it after going to the Apple Movie Trailer web page I think?  Seems like an interesting movie. With superheroes and what not. And not to mention the movie involves lots  of "300" people :) Producers, and... sapa lagi ntah.

I will insyaAllaah write a review after selesai me-nengok this movie. 

Watchmen... tapi ada woman gak sorang... ke dua... ntah? Patot dia tukar nama geng tu jadik WatchPerson lah... or... Watch-Men-Women-Both... :D 

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