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Walking and Jogging... Interval Training? Tunggu dulu...

It's been 2-fitness programs, and 3 main fitness books since 2001. I was 84kg when I started with Body For Life ( Managed to get down to 74 in two months ++. But succumbed to various 'worldy' temptations... shot back up nearly 80kilos...

Then a few years after that, followed MuscleNow. Alhamdulillaah. Best program ever. Wen't from 80's to 68! This was 2003-2004. The program had a good balance of cardio (aerobics) and weights (an-aerobic) excercises/workouts. But the problem was, again, in the 'programee'. After 2-months... decided to reward himself, and went back up to 70's. Unfortunately... never went off the reward binge :P Never resarted the program... for at least 2-3- months. Aiyaa... tak boleh jadi. Musti instil some discipline into my mind.

Went back on MuscleNow. Managed to get into an almost lean physique... constantly at 73-74 kilograms. Was in the best shape of my life! Eating 5-6 square meals per day. Doing cardio on the treadmill, stationary bike and also morning jogs were routines. Lifted weights 3-5 times per week as course prescribed.


Again... fell off the horse and this time... third time 'un'-lucky. When you keep falling off, it gets harder and harder to climb back up. I think it's because you know the level of work that needs to be put in in order to succeed.

Like to maintain a good physique... it's not just to eat well (never use the term DIET by the way), and also not just to excercise correctly... Yes, these two things are of utmost importance! But with the absence of discipline, and the understanding that it's a lifestyle change (instead of a programme), success will be just a thing of the past (whcih now when I look back, seemed like I never obtained it :'( ...).

So something needs to be done... again. But this time, the mentality has to evolve. Paradigm shift? Mind over matter? :P

Back to the title of the post... Walking and jogging. Dulu2, saya berjoggin sakan. Buat style interval training. 20-minit lari atas treadmill atau balapan.

(Ulang... sampai lah abis 20-menet)
1. Minute-1: Slow pace... relax
2. Minute-2: Up a bit, but still without panting too hard
3. Minute-3: Up one more gear... kasik push sikit. Run faster sang troxion...
4. Minute-4: 60% power...
5. Minute-5: 75-90% power... tapi slalu dalam area 75-85 la :) (Macam pernah ukur je :P)

Awal-awal, memang besh. But, I think the main problem... when I restart my fitness regimes (each time)... I will bantai myself to a pulp. Push maut2 sampai tercungap2. In the end... tak look forward to another cardio session (lari2 tu cardio la tu...).

Same as weight. Tarus nak take each set to failure... Did not try to enjoy the thing first. End up, malas nak buat lagi next time.

Final result... jatuh dari kuda... lagi dan lagi dan lagi.

But I have not lost hope yet. The fitness horse is still there. Waiting for me to make the 'healthy' decision to change my lifestyle :) Insya-Allaah... after panjat-ing Bukit Jambul with my fren Azrul, motivasi tu dah mai balik. Alhamdulillaah, yesterday oso, I did some cardio in the wee hours of the morning. But... did not do intervals. I decided to take it slow. No minute-by-minute effort-percentage increase. This time... I started with a walk. Then walked faster... at one point, chose to jog slowly. Dalam hati memang ada perasaan suruh laju....

"Laju sikit la wehhh.... kena potong ngan mak cik pak cik tuuu... ish..."
(which happenned... ada pak cik sorang tu dok jogging laju gilos kat balapan USM semalam)

But I think I've learn my lesson la. Slow slow. Like my triathlete fren Hairul Azwar Hashim kata... lari tu biar seronok. Aku sekarang tengah nak lajar kasik seronok la ni mamamammat! :P heheheh.

Orait... Harap2 kali ni tak la macam dolu2. InsyaAllaah, I want to do it again... to be fit again. Not to be this 81-84kg (my current standing :P) of flab. Kena kasik tukar (Bak kata India dalam Pi Mai Pi Mai Tang Tu... "Sudah tukar kaaaa?").

Orait... :D insyaAllaah. Assalaam aleykom WBT :D


Nabil said...

ko kene cpt pian..balik fakulti nnt asek ade makan free je..muahaha

Alfian_Troxion said...

yeous. antara dugaan yg paling hebat! :P Selalu aku yg akan habiskan apa2 saja yg tinggal....

.e.y.e.k.n.e.e. said...

tu laa... aku pun dah 10 bulan jatuh kuda nih... 10 months ago managed to reduce weight from 70 to 55.. then terberanak plak.. now at 65... aiyoh... gotta start my regime real soon... but how la.. so many things to attend to la with lil miss saera... tak pe tak pe.. mari kita sama sama lose weight.. target by year end?? size M

Alfian_Troxion said...

70-55? Tu dah macam 84-68! (kes aku dulu :P)... hehehe.

tapi kau at least ada reason. TERberanak. kekekekeke. aku ni, bukan ada anak pon dalam porut.... tapi still lemak dok naik dengan konstan satu badan.

tapi takpe. will continue to cardio slow slow sampai enjoy :D

Year end size M? heheheh. bules bules. tapi aku setakat... pinggang dalam 32-33 tu dah cantek sangat aa bagi aku. Now 4-5-inches extra ooo....

farizghazali said...

ceh! encik pian ada kat sini rupanya.. dan masih mengamalkan cara hidup sihat? bagus la lu..

Alfian_Troxion said...

haha. yes. aku masih di sini. cara hidup sihat dalam proses nak amalkan kembali. btw, hari ni tak sihat... selsema n demam sampai ilang kenikmatan rasa makanan. tapi harap2 hari ni dapat balik insyaAllaah :D

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