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The weirdness of Rafael Nadal - From Right to Left

The men's ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals) rankings has recently changed. The reign of Roger Federer has come to and end (and I am slowly coming to accept that... sob sob)... and somehow, I see the resurrection being very difficult. It is now the time of dominance for the never-tiring Spaniard... Rafael Nadal :D He has shown great improvement in his game... after playing second fiddle for so long, he is now (finally) on top of the world. And with those crazy forehands and backhands of his (which from my point of view, would be very difficult to be hit out-of-play due to the amount of spin applied),  I see his dominance lasting for many more good years.

Anywayz... I think we all know that Nadal is now No.1 :) The reason for this post is  to share something interesting I just found out about our champ :) He is naturally a right-hander! I mean, he basically does everything using his right hand. Activities such as brushing teeth, writing, drawing, eating, catching, throwing etc... All he does with his right. But for tennis? A leftie?

I don't quite know the history (but am quite eager to investigate)... but I believe he started tennis with his right hand. But then he shifted to the left... and the rest is history. I mean, look where he is now? A right-handed guy... who apprently chooses to play tennis with his left hand... and now, somehow ends up as World No. 1. Hehehehe... Menarik dan Interesting :)

Anywayz... I just thought of putting this YouTube video about Nadal's story... Rafa: From Right to Left :D Tres interresant, non?... Enjoy :)

Oraite.... Back to work :D


:: azrul hazri jantan :: said...

hahaha mamat,pelik la nadal nie..dia nie right-handed,tapi time men tenis,boleh plak guna tangan kiri..musykil aku..
hurm,aku pikir kita kena try men tangan kiri aa mamat..mana le tahu,kot kot leh jadik champion :p hua hua hua..

dIRa said...

huhu br taw ker the best lefty in the world is not a lefty? uhuhu wanna knw more, read his history in ... dia dlu ms kecik dia men 2-2 tgn.. then uncle dia suh decide which hand he wanna use...haa ok hapa left hand hnya guna tuk hit the ball...and lets the right hand do the rest :D

Alfian_Troxion said...

AHJ: OKes maaat. nanti aku tukar ke kiri. hehehe. ko pon kena tukau mat. ko pukul tangan kanan power sangat sampai dah 3 kali putus reket ni. heheheh

Dira: uit. 2-2- tangan ke? POwer gak tu. nanti insyaAllaah aku pi baca kat website dia. Pelik gak can musykil asal dia tak pilih tangan kanan.... hehehehe.

Miss BumbleBee said...

yup, thanks to uncle toni who discovered that his left hand is stronger than the other, if not mistaken at the age 12 kot. so its added advantage for the forehand and its nadal's fav swing pun.

kira dia balance out both side of his brain lah kan... :)

Alfian_Troxion said...

Ha... betul tu Mz B'bee. N kalau tak silap aku, there was something studied in the late 80s (or sometime ago)... yg kata lefties ada advatage of righties? Tapi tak ingat apa n camne. Rasa2 macam ada kaitan ngan length or apa ntah... n ada gak kaitan ngan brain....

Takpe. nanti aku Google balikz. :) Tq for reminding me secara tidak senagaja :D

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