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Audio Analysis with MATLAB

[WARNING! This is a very boring post. It is only here becuz the blogger thinks he needs to update his blog]

It's been like 10,000 days since I last updated my blog. Fear not... I am not cutting off my blogging fingers. It's just that for the past few months, I've been quite busy figuring out how to add value to my PhD work... By saying that... I'm actually quite pleased to be saying that I'm busy :D I mean... for the past many years of my life... things have been quite monotonous, un-eventful and... slacking :D I mean I myself... a slacker... with no objective in life or work! Now that I am busy... this means I am insyaAllaah going somewhere. And this brings some amount of joy to my life :D hehehehe... anywayz... enuff of that. Today I would like to talk about audio analysis.

Now I am in the process of extracting the audio (sound) part from my video documents. Yes, I am (sort of) legally ripping out the sound track from my videos. And all in the name of research. I have also filled my hard-disk with hundreds of gigabytes of information... many of which I might not even need. These audio files are really eating up a lot of this borrowed resource (the hard disk I mean... I am basically 'borrowing' it from my supervisor... who bought this PC using her grant money) :D And I am using MATLAB. All the countless MATLAB functions I have downloaded from the Internet.. they are proving to be useful Alhamdulillaah! Thank you oh brilliant programmers...

Anywayz... Now I am actually in new territory. Ripping audio is quite easy. But when it comes to analyzing what I've ripped... I get stuck. And am continuing to get stuck along the way. Now I am diving into terms used by famous celebrities such as Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul and Simon Cowel, as well as unknown academics such as Dian Tjondronegoro, Sun Xuejing, Yong Rui, Poh, Joseph Kittler and the rest!

PITCH! VOLUME! DYNAMIC RANGE! AUDIO FRAMES! TIME STEPS! FRAME SHIFT (another word for time steps)! HOP SIZE (another word for frame shift... which makes it also another word for time steps)! CLIPS!

And after finding out how to get, process and analyze those things I just mentioned... now I need to come up with a way to make sense of what I've gotten, processed and analyzed. Hahahahaha! Tres interresant, non?

Anywayz... that is all. I would however like to thank Noris Norowi for her help in my 1/2-way and 1/2-completed audio journey. I would also like to thank a newly found friend on the Internet by the nick-name of Ita... You have been so kind to explain in crystal clear words about the basics of audio... I am forever grateful :D

But of course... ALL PRAISE BE TO ALLAAH!!! For guiding me this far. I beg for more guidance oh GOD... for I (as well as other PhD seekers) am in forever need for YOU to show me the way on this noble path.

Okes... itu je. Told'ya it was a boring post :D Hehehehe. Tq for reading anyway.
Assalaam aleykom WBT and Have a good one....
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