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Command Adhesive Hooks :D Save the Wall and Hang Them All...

Okes. Today I would like to recommend a product that I use to hang clocks, mirrors as well as clothes... on the wall/behind doors etc. The product's name is COMMAND ADHESIVE hooks, from 3M :) Why I like this product? Okes.... I will story now :)

I was firstly introduced to this product from a TV advertisement (2003-04). But wasn't the Malaysian TV la... as even now I haven't seen it aired on any TV station. The main advantages of the Command adhesive hooks series are:

1) They are strong (difficult to tanggal). Seriously strong and reliable;

2) So-so-easy to take off also... Unlike other adhesive-hooks (where there is a large probability of you pulling out the wall-paint as well during peel-off), all you have to do is PULL the adhesive out... and VOILA! Settle. When properly done... it slides of very2 nicely. Even if improperly done... the remaining adhesive can be scraped off relatively easily with no residue :D (Please refer to It's the circular animation on the right...)

So... in this short post... I am promoting the use of Command Adhesive Hooks :D Heheheheh. I have used them to hang clocks, mirrors, winter coats, jeans etc. But of course, select the one that suits the task at hand lah. Don't la choose a 450-gram hook when you plan to hang a leather jacket!!! Sah2 la fall-down jatuh dan tergolek-dog :D

The price... well, since I am not familiar with standard adhesive prices (and I don't buy adhesive hooks on every hypermarket visit)... I think it should be ok. Maybe a bit expensive kot? ... RM5.00 to RM5.90 for TWO 45-gram hooks and 4-adhesive strips (that’s what's in the package lah). But in all... totally worth it :D It hangs on to the wall quite reliably... and up to this day, Alhamdulillah, has never failed me (when I follow the proper adhesive-hook capacity lah).

You can also buy the adhesive strips separately :D Which would be useful to stick other stuff other than hooks (I use them to stick an electric socket adaptor to the wall for my fridge, water filter and also rice cooker)....

Okes :D That's all I guess. Hope this post has been informative :D

Arigato dan Terima Kasih.... Ingat nama ini... Suleiman Akhlaken... Eh... wrong.. Command Adhesive....

PS:- Suleiman Akhlaken was a Peguam-Pumbela... a close friend of the late Ismet Ulam-Raja and also Abdul Wahub Ulam-Raja.
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