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Fried Rice

Assalaam aleykom and a very good day :) I want to write about fried rice today. Ikan bilis tumis-ed fried rice to be specific. In short, I would just want to talk about the recipe... :) Ok. Let's start.

I will firstly clean some anchovies (about one handful). I will take 3-cloves of garlic, one big red onion... and then put all of them (anchovies, garlic & onions) into a grinder/blender/pulser etc. What I basically want to achieve is a paste sort of thinggy... Once everything has been blended together... I will heat up my wok. Wok with Pyan :D

Anywayz... add some veggie cooking oil. When all's hot.. put the anchovy-garlic-onion paste in :) Stir and leave for a while. Then come back and stir... then leave. Then smell. Then if you think you need to... stir. But of course don't stir too much. Let the dayem thing COOK!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!! (ok ok, jgn naik sheikh for no reason).

After satisfying you stir-leave-stir-leave routine thinggy... break in an egg (or two). Make sure it's washed aaa. You won't want chicken shait getting into your paste :D ... Stir and mix and mix and stir until about 15-25 seconds. THEN!... Add in the (cooked) rice :D

Stir and mix and stir and mix. Do this until the rice changes color from white (the default color of the rice)... to whatever color the paste is. If you overcook the paste, then it will become darker in color. But if you add the egg earlier... then a lighter hue is produced. Anywayz... just stir and mix until the rice's color becomes the paste's color...

Ok. Add some frozen veggies if you like :) Then of course, stir and mix some more. Stir and mix stir and mix... that's the essence of nasi goreng right :D ... Finally... wait until it cools down a bit. Then enjoy!!! Oh... lupa pulak. If kurang masin, add salt :D

Assalaam aleykom WBT, and happy cooking.
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