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I am the 'rich'-ed :P And here are who I make richer each month...

It is as they say... the end of the month! :) Not actually the end of August, but the end of the salary a.k.a. GAJI month :) Supposedly, tomorrow is GAJI TIME!!! It's when all we govt. people (most of us lah...) will get our monthly salaries. So, for a short while, we are all 'thousand-airs'... For a short while, our bank accounts will be full! For a short while... we feel at ease because the ACCOUNTS DETAILS page is no longer like the image shown below (screen captured at around 3-5 minutes ago):

Anywayz... this screen will be no more cometh 2moro :)

Alhamdulillaah :D Money will insyaAllaah come...

But as it comes... it goes just as fast. It is normally on the same day we were made 'rich'... that we make others rich... and richer to the richest! These people/companies/parties owe me some thanks, because now they are on their respective yachts sailing the seas of the Caribbean!!! Maybe even stopping at the Anguilla Beaches! :P Anyway... they are:
  1. Public Bank (Islamic) - I am buying my car from you
  2. Pejabat Bekalan Air , Penang - Alhamdulillaah, aplenty water each month
  3. TNB - Electricity people, you are thunder-clappily-rich!
  4. M. Derafi Hassan - RM320 per month to you... for a very comfi. terrace house
  5. Tahfiz An-Nur - Plz ajar Farhanah sampek pandai iya :D RM250/month
  6. Maxis - RM60 sebulaaannn... Ananda Krishnaa... kasik la rebate buang 100-200?
  7. Petronas (and sometimes Shell or Caltex) - varying amounts
  8. USM - RM180 per month for Asrama... but USM is naik gila already. They will increase the rent to RM300 per month!!! Squatters!!! I call you now... USM ingat dia kasik kondo ka sampai nak charge RM300... kueng krong thip betul sometimes I think...
  9. Tabung Haji - Ok... takpe. This one is my money oso. Cuz it is my savings :D
  10. Takaful Ikhlas - I am making someone by the name of Ahmad Azal Afarouk richer by the month :D
And I believe, without even realizing, the list goes on and on and on.

Anyhow... I don't quite mind that much in making these people richer :) Cuz it's sorta like, I scratch yer back, you scratch mind kinda relationship.... But of course, I do more scratching lah. Hehehehe. But in all... it's ok :D

So tomorrow will be the day insyaAllaah, that the $$$ will come. And of course, it will also be the day that it will go... But takpe. Cuz in every coming and going... there will always be next month! Hehehehe... insyaAllaah that is.

Okes. Thank you for reading this point-less post :D Salaaam and Ramadhaan Mubarak to all Muslims :D
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