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Miley Cyrus a.k.a. Hannah Montana and PhD :)

Assalaam aleykom WBT :) And a very good day to all... Alhamdulillaah, had a good drive today from Nib. Tebal to USM. I must say that the (almost finished) improvements made to the bridge has certainly made the traffic a whole lot more bearable for bridge-folks :) Used to be a crazy bottle-neck from the toll plaza entering the bridge, but now... just by adding one (or is it two? tak perasan pulak...) lane(s)... things seem to be clearing up :) I can even leave my house at around 7 a.m. and still be able to catch the "good-flow" onto the bridge.

Anywayz... Today's post is not about my drive or the 20-something-year old Penang bridge. It's about Miley Cyrus and her song... THE CLIMB :) And as you can see from the title... ada relation la pulak between M.C. and oso P.H.D. Hehehehe... what de relation? Okes....T'is like this...

Evertytime I hear her song on the radio (or on my phone. I know lagu bebudak... tapi ok gak apa melody dia :P) one part (the chorus ke? Ke apa ke ntah orang panggil...) relates to my current situation really well:

Ain't about how fast i get there
Ain't about what's waitin' on the other side
It's the climb.... Yea yea yea yeawooo yo yo ala gazambo and the rest...

So I think all PhD-doers can oso relate to what I'm relating to. If cannot? Okes, I will explain.

Actually... the PhD is not about how fast you finish it. Some tho, are genius enuff to finish before time (which is great for them! syabbas!). I have no rows with them. But just don't make that a yeard stick of the quality of the degree :) Don't be:

"I did it in 2.33-years! Wallaahooo!!!!"
... Or...
"Saya habis PhD saya umor 21 tahun awak tau dok.... [disusuli gelak setannn....]" etc.

And it also ain't about the DR that you're gonna get at the end of the journey... The Doctor of Philosophy is a great title to achieve, mashaAllaah :) But it all don't end there... T'is just a beginning :D Don't expect or be:

STUDENT: "Selamat pagi Dr. Takrom Bilaghlul"
STUDENT: "Encik Mat Samid.... saya nak tanya...." [DR MENJAMPUK DENGAN GANAS]
The DR: "HOIT! What did you say? I didn't spend 4-years for some half-brained paramecium to call me ENCIK!" - ni exaggerate je ni... hehehehe. I myself will never do this insyaAllaah.

Someone once told me (A professor) that it's the training that we get during the PhD is what matters. How to do the research. How to get yerself into deep dung, and then get yerself out of it... and at the same time emerging triumphant!!! Yeahooo!!!! ... In short... sama macam apa Hannah Montana kita kata la... IT'S THE CLIMB!!!!! (Perasan tak, kalau buang 'L', jadik nama bank! HAHAHAHAHA! ok, iklan je tu...). Pendek kata, it's the journey that counts :) Tak sangka she can make a PhD song. Hehehehehe...

But of course, hopefully we get a good "travel guide". Some are fortunate enuff to get very2 good ones (DLYNN!!! AKU JELEESSS :P). But for the vast majority, most have to climb on their own. But nonetheless, it will be a good journey also insyaAllaah. Good guide or bad guide... the climb will be challenging nonetheless.

The main supervision that we need of course, is from the ALL MIGHTY ALLAAH :D Ask from him, and insyaAllaah all will be well.

Orait. anyway... itu lah kisah Miley Cyrus dan PhD :D T'is da climb MAT NABIL TAJUDIN!!!!

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