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Breaking Fast @ Seoul Garden JURU

Assalaam aleykom...

Today, my pregnant wife had a 'mengidam' attack. Suddenly she wanted to eat steamboat!!! Luckily she didn't crave anything like football boots with curry, roti naan with zinc or even a compact disc in BBQ sauce :P Hehehe... Of course, ini semua exaggeration saja la :D Wannywayz... at the beginning I wasn't that keen on going. Because for one thing, it's gonna be a hassle to drive all the way to JURU just to buka puasa. The other thing is that the wife is pregnant 4-months ++... and I'd like to avoid crowded places due to the H1N1-virus. But it seems that me luvly wife is not budging from her decision. Dia nak gak makan Seoul Garden :D Okes la... I will attend to her needs. She's buying anyway. Hua hua hua!!!

Anywayz, it's been quite some time since I ate at Seoul Garden. Last time I ate there was for my 'farewell' dinner when I was going to do my PhD at UNSW, Australia. And that was somewhere in June or July 2006. Two things happened... the FOOD WAS GREAT!!! ... and I also came back from Sydney within 2-months cuz tak ngam ngan supervisor. Hehehe... So the meal ended up not being a farewell dinner after all. LOL!

Okes. So tonite, insyaAllaah after a small iftar (maybe tamar and some water?), and after marghrib prayers, we will head on to this Korean establishment (Well, I think they're actually Singaporean... but with a Korean name... I think la...). The charge I think is around RM30++ per head? But ok la... the food is good, and they have HALAL certification some more. So ok la :D Can eat insyaAllaah.

Oraitey... almost time to break fast. Seoul Garden... here we commeeee!!! ...

Ok la... I think I will pay... hehehe...

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