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Garlic Lemon Rotisserie Chicken - Troxion Style

Assalaam aleykom WBT.

Two days back, I was wondering what to eat for iftar/break-fast/bukak posa/berbuka puasa :) Thinking punya thinking punya thinking... then I realized that the oven's rotisserie (golek) function udah agak lama tak digunakan. So... I thought... what da hey, let's cook some spinning chicken :) But, how to cook it? I didn't even have a bird at the time also...

Again, thinking punya thinking dan thinking lagi. Then I just decided to run up to TESCO (~25 mins drive, one way). Buy a chicken, and then just cook it rotisserie style. But still, I did not answer the question "HOW to cook the bird...". So before pushing off to Tesco, I surfed the net for a while to look for the simplest yet relatively delicious (by my subjective tongue that is) recipe. Stumbled upon Hmmm... Garlic-Lemon Rotisserie Chicken. I could do that! Jotted down the recipe and drove off like the wind :)

If you tie it nicely, it should look something like this during the 'spin'. Of course mine is not as neat. I took this pic. from

Bought a few lemons (only needed half a lemon though), some onions (which I ended up not using cuz the recipe actually didn't call for it), tissue paper (again, not in the recipe), the chicken of course and a whole bunch of other stuff. I think U know what hypermarkets do to you... U end up buying more than you need :P

Anywayz... got back at around 6++pm. Dah dekat nak berbuka. But still tekad, cooked the chicken anywayz. Followed the recipe (accidentally missed the oil rubbing part...), prepared the dry rub and tarus, rotisseried that bird :) The recipe called for SWEET PAPRIKA... but aiyo, banyak expensive ooo paprika kat Malaysia. So, I just put in some chili powder plus some sugar. Closest I can get to sweet paprika I reckon. Hehehehe...

Okes... at 180-200 degree Celsius, at around 1.5 hours ++... Alhamdulillaah. The chicken was done. But at the same time, it was almost 8:30pm. Hehehehe. My wife n sister in law were also waitin' for the chicken... and alhamdulillaah, in the end it was worth the wait :) Ok jugak this recipe. And I beleive that if it were done by more experienced and more delicate hands (macam tangan perempuan which is lagik lembut dan penyabar), insyaAllaah lagik sedap :D

In all, I recommend this recipe to anyone yang nak buat rotisserie chicken... or even baked chicken. Hecks, the dry rub tasted like it had MSG in it! And I think that's a compliment to any chef-wannabe who doesn't use MSG! LOL!

Okes... That is all about chicken a.k.a. ayam. Tq for reading and happy cooking.
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