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Jogging pain :)

Took to the tracks this morning... and man, did I feel the effects of long-term inactivity. It's been too many months since my last workout... let it be cardio or weights! Man... I am really2 unfit.

The last time I checked the scales, I weighed in at 84-kilograms! This was of course after Eidul Fitri. Now I should be 0.5 to 1 kilo lighter... Or am I? Nonetheless... I am still unfit. And the aches and pains in my quadriceps (thighs) and lower-leg muscles (what are they called?... calves?) are clear proof that I have once more turned into a slob! ... sob, sob... :'(

Anyway... I don't wanna say that AGAIN... I will climb back on that horse. The horse has long gone... it has left me once and for all. All that's left are these legs. Not a four-legged mammal. But only these legs that Alhamdulillaah... Allaah has blessed me with :D

And it's these legs that must start feeling the pain again if I wanna go back to at least 75kg. Man... seems a very2 long way to go. 9-kilos from where I am right now.
.. Hmmm.... jauh gak tu!

And the aches that I am still feeling right now... hours after my jogging session (which lasted some 20-minutes but with only 4-laps of the 800-meter track completed)... are still apparent... which is making me dread the next running (or climbing, cycling or elliptical-machining) session... How can this be? How can this make me lose 9 kilo of grams!!!

Arghh!!! Man... the times we are in today (this is where I start blaming people who created machines...). The paradigm has really really shifted. I personally blame it on the industrial revolution. Hehehehehe... Humans used to work hard for a living. And I really2 do mean work hard. Physical labor... that was the way to go. Eat what you grow... and burn what
you eat at work. Results? Naturally occurring 6-pack abs... Furthermore, it was 'cleaner' and more 'honest' food back then. Nothing from a tin can with sprayed vitamins in it. Now... you can even get tuna-sambal-cili-api in a can... and also MILK that can last almost A YEAR!!! (what do they put in those cartons I wonder...) But nonetheless... that's the world we live in today. The winds of change has come... so I guess we must just glide to where the breeze takes us.... Or should we?

As for me-self... I must fight this pain. The pain from cardio due to long-term-inactivity I mean :) So that one day... it will just be a lactic-acid story of the past :D Hairul Azwar Hashim ( ought to know what I'm talking about, for he faced a very similar problem once... but that was like 15-years ago when his tummy was bigger than his beard...

(this is Hairul Azwar btw... before and after pic :D notice the 'tembam-er' version on the left... and after metamorphosis on the right... way to go mamat!!! This mamat is one of my continuous inspirations and hope... that a healthy lifestyle is still very2 attainable... :D)

Anywayz... :D

I will hopefully still run. Pain pon pain lah. This pain will come again the next time... but with the pain must come perseverance... then lama lama... pain pun jadik la gain :D And that's the time when victory is at hand... for when pain dissipates... and slowly dissolves into the wind of change... the era will dawn. The era of... the TROXI KING!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

(dah sewel PhD agaknye tulisan aku ni. Tapi takpe... ok. Have a nice day everyone... and tq for reading...)
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