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30 FEBRUARY 2010!!!

Sometimes when I get very hungry in the lab (at nights normally), and my bottom is too lazy to get off the chair (yeah... blame the bottom...), and when it's early in the month (meaning I have more $$$ then at the end of the month)... I'd order DOMINO's PIZZA. Why Domino's and not Pizza Hut? Well, it's mainly because Domino's website is easier to comprehend! Simple design, and easy to fill in forms! No stupid flash-based forms. Price-wise though, Domino's is more expensive. But since it's a once in a month... or maybe once in ten-months thinggy... I don't mind lah :)

BTW... Pizza Hut truly is cheaper (but still quite expensive :P)... but please do something about your website. Design-wise it's ok. But when it comes down to functionality... it sucks big time. If you haven't done anything about it yet... then hire a designer who takes into consideration website user-friendliness... and not to rely on extra-advanced-forms!

Ok. Back to Domino's Pizza. The reason for this post is to share a stamping discrepancy :) It's like this. Whenever the Domino's delivery guy takes more than 30-minutes to deliver your order... then they'd give you a 'SORRY WE WERE LATE' coupon... which entitles you to a FREE REGULAR PIZZA on your next order. Well, that's ok with me... because next time, I'm gonna get two for the price of one :)

Last time, I got two coupons (one already went missing... can't remember where it went to...). Since two-times the guy came late. But on one of the coupons... the expiry date is non-existent! It wrote 30th February 2010. I overlooked it the first few times... but my friend was quick to point out that... "Mana ada 30 February?".

So that's why I am blogging today :) Just to share a stamping discrepancy (as the expiry date was stamped... or 'chop-ed' on the coupon). Okes. Here it is :)


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