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Adsense USD101

Alhamdulillaahirobbil'aalameen :D After waiting for 4-years and 2-months... finally my AdSense account has reached the magical USD100 mark :) I started putting AdSense on my first blog ( in October 2005, if not mistaken. Then, I put it on my now inactive and defunct fitness blog Then, after creating my new blog (this one)... I put it here also.

Alhamdulillaah, after a few hundred clicks, a few sign ups and a few clicked search results... I've manage to accumulate USD101.00. Thank you to all of you nice readers, those clicks have finally given me a chance to withdraw the money (since Google will only pay you your AdSense amount due if the accumulated monthly balance is USD100 or more).

AdSense balance after 4-years and 2-months... kinda pathetic... but hey, Ti's money a? :D

Anywayz... I am not bragging or anything. Because this amount was achieved over a period of more than 4 years! I mean, real AdSense experts get USD100 each week at minimum I guess? So my case is a very2 sad one actually... but a good one nevertheless... as I never really expected AdSense to give me any $$$. So finally reaching the payment threshold does feel quite nice. Alhamdulillaah :D

But, I think aa... I won't withdraw yet lah. Why? Because I don't quite need the extra cash as of now. Better keep it for a rainy day ye dok? Plus, Google isn't a Pyramid Scheme, nor are they a Ponzi whose life expectancy is around 3-6 months. So, rasa2nya selamat la kot if simpan dulu.

Anywayz... that's the story for today... :D For more AdSense stories... just Google it up :D I know there are many tips and tricks out there... kalau pandai buat, insyaAllaah can get duit lebih sket :D Selamaaat....


Konot said...

withdraw la beb.. banjer aku makan :p

Alfian_Troxion said...

nanti a lu... kasik naik sampai 1000 ke? (lagik 14 tahun la tapi :P)...

baru leh lanja ko fine dining... ahaks :P

ciksnowhite212 said... akula...aku memerlukan usd nie... XD

Alfian_Troxion said...

Baayah: aku x witdraw lah... tapi kalau ko check kan borang EA aku, aku kasik aa 2% :P

愛: I have no idea how you managed to comment... dah le comment ko sebijik macam mana otometik internet bot jahat komen.. terel tul AI zaman sekarang :D in all... wa bu che tau what you say... bak kata Jet Li... Nie bu se ren! hahaha! (buleh guna ke ayat tu kat sini? :P)

arin said...

dah cash out ke lom?wah..kaya USD100 ko sat..

Alfian_Troxion said...

tak cash out aa Arin :) kasik naik sket lagi la :) tunggu la kot2 ujung bulan ni ke? hehehe.

kot2 leh naik USD2 atau 3. hehehehe... leh sampai RM9 tuuu :P

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