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How ta replace yer door knob... or... the whole door knob system thinggy...

Today, I'd like to post about a bit about DIY :) Specifically, on how to replace a door knob set :) Alhamdulillaahirobbil'aalameen... it wasn't that difficult (mainly because the doors already had holes drilled in them from the default knob installations) :D Anywayz... It was a good experience and since I have nothing better to do, I will blog about it :D

Firstly, you need to go to Econsave or Billion to buy a cheap door knob system/set. Why cheap? Because ini rumah sewa... so no need to buy the mahal2 one. I am gonna leave one day anywayz rite :D I bought the WINSIR one, cost me around RM8++. The other one cost me RM9++, forget the brand.... I am blogging about the RM9++ one here :) After unwrapping... you will basically have this:

Before installing the new set, you need to get the old one out first :) Bawah ni, ialah gambar knob lama di bahagian sebelah dalam pintu. In the multi-colored circles, you can see a small punat (apa ek? punat dalam English?)... Using the device in the next picture, you will need to press down that punat so that the knob can be removed from the set :) Only after you've removed this knob that you can BEGIN taking out the whole old set from the door.

Then proceed to kopak-king (again, what is kopak in English?)... then unscrewing... then... kopak-king some more on the other side... then FINALLY... taking the whole thing out. Please refer to pics :) ... (brand KAH rupanya iye tuan?)

Get the new set... firstly install the... the... dayem... apa nama benda ni ek? hehehe. Ok. Install BENDA NI...

In the next pic, you can see that there's something protruding from the bigger hole. You will need to align this with the knob set... Make sure the knob set inserts smoothly into this protruding-something :D

Then screw... tighten... and voila! Siap... you're DONE! :D Room now secured from non-professional thieves, insyaAllaah :) Oh, btw... I had to replace this whole door knob set because in the old one, the key sorta broke and got stuck in the key slot place thinggy (I am sooo bad with all these 'technical' terms... I cry).

Okes... hope this has benefited the general public :D Assalaam aleykom WBT

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