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Alfian on Facebook | Create Your Badge - Another Source for Halal Protein Supplements?

[UPDATED 17th January 2010 - Still no answer from Maybe they need to contact the people in charge of the certifications. They did reply to my initial email and agreed to provide the certs for each of the products I queried about (which was almost ALL of their protein products). Anywayz, I guess we'll have to wait to see whether the halal protein powder, halal whey protein, halal protein shakes and in all, ALL the halal supplements are indeed halal :) But I reckon, insyaAllaah they are. Just need paperwork to make sure :D]

Assalaam aleykom :) Again, this is a post regarding a (possible) halal protein source. Was looking thru the Internet about how some people found my blog... apparently some people from some parts of the world found this blog by searching for "halal protein powder". Hope it's been of some help to all of you. InsyaAllaah I intend to add some more resources for the benefit of the people out there on the lookout for halal protein shakes/halal protein powder/halal whey protein or what ever else halal in the supplement world :D

Today, after playing around with FEEDJIT and also doing some searching of my own, I stumbled across a website called MyProtein (website It seems that they offer an array of halal products, including halal protein powder, halal egg white powder etc. They even label the products which are supposed to be halal with an orange (or is it dark yellow?) circle containing an 'H' in the middle.

(A snapshot from V = veggetarian, H = Halal and K = Kosher)

At the moment though, I am still unsure whether the products are really halal or not. I've emailed them just now... just to make sure where they got the certification from. If indeed the awarding organization is ok, then Alhamdulillaah, another halal protein supplement seller is found :D But unfortunately, only for people in the United Kingdom lah (and also some other countries in Europe to which they deliver)...

So now let's just wait for their reply. Will update later insyaAllaah :D


Anonymous said...


Nice blog!

Yes I have used MyProtein for 3 years and I follow a strict Halal diet. Their Impact Whey is genuine, they sent me the certificates on request. They are a great company with excellent value products and the only company I would buy supplements from now. I found some great reviews here:


Alfian_Troxion said...

Hi Anon :) Thanks for dropping by. InsyaAllaah Ill take a look at the reviews you suggested :)

Nice to hear that ure getting great value. Just unfortunate that Im in Malaysia... so if indeed I get a good answer from MyProtein... I wont be able to get their products anyway :( But good news for Muslims in the UK :D

Alfian_Troxion said...

have yet to get any replies from Myprotein till today... will keep on waiting... :)

Ali Yousef said...

what about Whey protein in UAE (Dubai). How can I check if the whey protein is Halal or not?

Alfian_Troxion said...

Salaam Ali :)

I dont know about the products in UAE... but U can check to see whether or not the shop has any halal certification for the particular product you want to buy... :)

Even tho they are selling in a Muslim country, sometimes the product s fully imported, hence out of the control of any halal board in the country (Does Dubai have a halal certification organization or something btw?)

So, I recommend you look for the certification :) If its not there... then maybe you can consider Ultimate Nutrition Prostar Whey (NATURAL FLAVOR ONLY!) ... MYProtein... I am not sure... since they have not replied to my email yet :)

Hope this has helped

Assalaam aleykom

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