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Liverpool beat Spurs -- pulak daaah

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Liverpool beat Tottenham Hotspur 2-0 in yesterday's early morning clash (Malaysia time), where both goals were scored by Dirk Kuyt! Quite impressive considering that all their top players are out. Is this gonna be like last season? Where Liverpool's engine heated up quite late at the end of everything? Hmmmm....

Anywayz, good result. But as a very2 fussy fan... just wondering whether they can keep it up? I mean, I am from Malaysia... and as all we Liverpool-Malaysians know, supporting Liverpool is almost like supporting our national team! Kejap naik, kejap turun... lepas tu merundum.... then naik kejap... but never on top. Tapi Malaysia did quite ok at the sea games tho. SYABBAS!!! :D

Okes. Back to work.... Salaaam aleykom!


Zaki said...

One key difference in the game was Albert Riera - an underused, under-rated but very hardworking and quite skillful player. Kuyt is a decent centre-forward and he should stay there in the absence of Torres. Ngog is not entirely 'ngok' as a sub. To bring him in bila defenders semua dah penat seems fine. And I'm willing to accept that Lucas is fast-improving and looks to be running on duracell batteries these days.

Still hopeful for top 4 spot. In fact, I think we can finish third with Man.City coming 4th, and ManU sliding away into bankruptcy and champions league oblivion.

Just my imagination... :)

Alfian_Troxion said...

you think that'd be possible? (Man U I mean...)
hehehe... anywayz...

Betui, Riera mmg power aku tengok, but always tak digunakan. Mungkin Benitez is currently trapped in some kind of mental block :( Ntoh... anywayz...

Lucas aku kadang2 kurang gemar :( Cuz I wonder why he was even bought in the first place... but if u say he's improving... then i take yer word la, cuz havent been watching any liverpool games lately....

Ngog.... well, i need more convincing from him :P

tapi takpe... insyaAllaah can make it into top four. after that... suruh Mourinho masuk :P OR whos that other guy? HIddink? Apa kata kita soh Wan Jamak Wan Hassan jaga liverpool. hahahahaha!

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