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Back in Bangi waiting for 'LABOR' day :D

Assalaam aleykom WBT. This morning (at 12:00 am), me and my family arrived  safely in Bangi. It was the usual 3-4 hour drive from Nibong Tebal to Bandar Baru Bangi, and the whole trip was very2 nice, alhamdulillaah...

Why we balik kampung? Well, the wife went for a scan, and insyaAllaah it's confirmed to be a baby boy... and the Dr. also advised that if we wanted to balik kampung, now (yesterday) was the time. Maka kami pon balik lah. If we wanted to wait to the last minute (expected due date 4th Feb 2010), macam dangerous la kan. Even 1-week before pon quite dangerous. Cuz you never know when the baby's ready to come out. Nanti ada pulak yang go into labor tengah2 highway PLUS.... hehehe. Saya ni tak pandai nak lahirkan anak. Tolong2 support time 'teran' tu ok la :P

Now it's already 38-weeks  ++ , and memang waiting time (tunggu masa) aje la :) We hope and pray to God that all will be ok and fine, and also hope that friends and family can make some doa as well so that everything selamaat :) Anywayz, baby's stuff rasa2 macam dah beli semua. But since our last baby was in 2005, hope that we didn't miss too many things la :D

Wokeh... Wife nak ajak gi umah kakak dia japs. Kat PUNCAK ALAAMM!!! Tapi takpe, walupun kat ujung donia, demi wife terchenta. hehehe. Assalaaam aleykom!

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