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Smiled and showed respect... but ultimately dropped a devastating bombshell

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It's been quite a while since I last put on my soccer boots on. The last time was... man, I don't even remember. It figures though, since my boots were covered with cob-webs after spending most of its post-store-shelf life on my show rack... which must have been an agonizing experience for the poor pair of shoes :P Anywayz...

Got an email from a friend, informing there was a friendly match in town. Since I was back in Bangi, the match in Puchong was totally attend-able! Missed a few friendly soccer matches due to being away in Penang. So now dah in Bangi, kena mau main.

The game was taxing... for me that is. Being inactive for sooo long took its toll. My quadriceps hurt like hell during and AFTER the game, and I got 'pancet' faster than usual. But Alhamdulillaah, my cigarette slowdown of 1-cig per day (max 2 kalau tak terkawal :P) seems to be paying off! Even tho I got pancet, I still managed to play the match until the end... with recovery between 'pancet' sessions being satisfactory :D

My team, which was represented by ex-MRSM students, went up against an Indian team from I don't know where. We finally lost 5-1 (or was it 6-1?), but what do you expect from a group of overweight oldies.... :P hehehehe.

Ok. Which brings me to the topic... oldies :) After the game, as usual everyone shook hands and thanked each other for a good match. At the very end, the linesman (assistant referee) came up to me with a smiling face. Why was he smiling so widely? I was thinking that he wanted to praise me for playing well... but that was very2 unlikely since I played like a sack of sand with legs with skills comparable to a 4-year old :P Anywaz, he eventually reached me. He shook my hand and smiled.... which was a very2 polite thing to do... and then, he also showed great respect, which was very2 weird.... Did he think I was Mawi? Hahahaha!!! Laast sekali... he delivered his message... "Oh... bagus juga. Ada veteran..." ....

Uit? Tercengang dan Terkedu was my initial reaction... but quickly cover-line with a soft counter smile. I was labeled a VETERAN!!!?? Uwaaaaaaaaa!!! Man, I have grown so old I reckon. My gray hair must have been the obvious give away that I was.... 40? Body weight also didn't help as an 86 kilo guy will not like look youthful. Hehehehe.... Hmmm... A veteran... Anywayz... itu lah ceritanya. I am now a veteran. At 32.5 years old (still trying not to mention 33 :P), I am already a veteran. Lepas ni balik UPM, if wanna play football/soccer, I will join the veteran's team.... Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

Itu lah ceritanya :D heheheh. Selamaat.
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