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MyEG Online Road Tax Renewal - SATU HARI SAMPAI

I actually just made the request for my road tax yesterday morning... and today (at around 3 pm) the road tax is already safely delivered to my house. Alhamdulillaah :) I was expecting the maximum duration of 2-days actually, but I am very2 surprised that in a bit more than 24-hours, I already have my road tax.

This online road tax renewal service from MyEG is very2 useful lah :) And with an overall charge of around RM9... I think it's worth not dragging my butt all the way to the bank and post office :) ... But I heard also some horror stories la about MyEG. Cuma don't quite remember what... anybody ever had any bad experiences using MyEG? Please do share.... I oso bukan la nak puji melambung2 this service. It's just that based on my past experiences, the delivery has been without problem....

Wokeh.... Assalaam aleykom WBT :D

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