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Road Tax Renewal through MYEG again :D - and can update the geran kereta too

Assalaam aleykom WBT. Yeous, again I am lazy and did my road tax through Myeg ( Bukan apa, I mean it's just a bit of a hassle for me to call the bank and ask them to do it since they have the car's certificate of ownership. Senang story, I just use MyEG... again... yeous... I lazy.... :D Anywayz... How to do it? Same as how I said I did it in the past... ada a few posts about this, but lazy to tampal the URLs here... I am in lazy mode remember... ;]

Firstly, I went to TAKAFUL MALAYSIA and renewed my car insurance. After doing that, went back home to open the MyEG website. Click on ROAD TAX renewal... For me, I then proceeded to click on the link that said - "If you renewed your road tax with MyEG last year, please click here", since I already did it with them last year. Then filled in my car registration number and IC number.... and VOILA! All my information is displayed. OH! And you can choose to have it home delivered or you can also pick it up at MyEG's service centers (MyEG SERVICES e-khidmat)? I saw one in Bangi... but the option for it wasn't there (they use the drop down menu thinggy)? pelik tapi benarrrr... anwyayz.... Gedepab gedebup badabing badabang.... siap :D Pay using credit card and settle :D

  • Road Tax Renewal Fee = RM90.00
  • Delivery Charge = RM6.00
  • e-Service Charge = RM2.75 (where did the .75 come from daaaa....)
  • TOTAL = RM98.75 -- Ok la tu ye dok? 
  • Delivery time - They say contact  them if the road tax doesn't reach me within 2-days... 

And another thing. I said in the past that when you do your road tax thru MyEG, the update won't be reflected on your geran kereta? Well, I just found out that you can have the geran kereta updated by writing an authorization letter saying that you allow a MyEG representative to collect the geran kereta at you hire purchase company (bank), and update it on your behalf. Of course, lepas tu dia akan return balik kat bank tu la :D You can call or email MyEG about this. I thought of doing this, but found the idea kind of scary...  Because it's my geran kereta! Serious things can happen if it falls into the wrong hands... right? kan? ke? I do have a point right? Please advise :D hehehe....

That is all. Hope this post has benefited someone or everyone :D Selamaaatz....
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