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Who Needs A Hot Water Heater System Nowadays

I tell you, since the heatwave hit a few weeks ago (or has it been months?) I have yet to feel or taste any cold water from my parents' Bandar Baru Bangi house (kecuali dari fridge la tapi... but even from there pon tak berapa nak bebetul sejok...). I mean, the water from the shower/tap is so warm that there is no need to turn on the water heater switch! Now all the kepala paips in my parents' house are all hot/warm  water dispensers.... depending on the time of day that is. If it's high noon, then get ready for some serious high heat H2O. If it's in the late afternoons, then you could enjoy a delightful warm bath, even if what you're looking for is a cold flow of water. A few days ago, I tried to bathe at around 5 o'clock in the morning.... even at that time the water is warm! Hecks, the residual heat is soo strong that even early morning water ain't cool anymore. hehehe.... I wonder if the morning dews have turned warm oredi? Buleh jadi ka?

Anywayz... have to say Alhamdulillaah... God must have sent this weather for a reason? :) So all we can do is to be patient... sabar... sabarrrr :D Tapi takpe... at least in the late afternoons it rains quite heavily in Bangi, even though just for less than 1/2 hour. This neutralizes some of the heat and provides cool breezes for me to breathe in (savor it while it lasts!!!!).

Okes... tomoro, I expect it to still be hot. So macam mana pon, mau kena tahan. Apa2 pon, alhamdulillaahirobbil'aalameen :) At the same time also, I pray to Allaah that better weather will come back one day... insyaAllaah.... Mari kita sama2 berdoa iya....

Assalaam aleykom WBT
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