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BENRINER - Japanese Mandolin... (tapi kok tak ada string?)

When I first saw the name on the box, Japanese Mandolin... my mind immediately pictured a small, semi-egg-shaped musical string instrument (like a mini gambus), the one that would be played by people from either Mexico or Spain (I don't actually know the origin of this instrument, but somehow my mind goes to these countries :P). But that's just the thing... A Japanese Mandolin? Kok bagimana? Ghupa-ghupanya... it's the kitchen utensil mandolin thinggy. Sebelum ni, I never knew it was called a mandolin, but a quick image search through Google confirmed it... A Mandolin Slicer!

The website hosting this image can be found here... (ni kira free advertising ke? Or am I simply committing digital-image-theft?)

This is the mandolin slicer... also rembatted.... from here...

Anywayz... my wife just bought this kitchen slicer utensil mandolin thinggy yesterday. At first I was quite surprised as it costs RM77!!! Tu dah nak lapan puloh hengget dah tu weh??? But since sometimes, my wife makes quite wise decisions, I decided not to pull a fit... and just berdiam diri. At the same time, I was very2 de excited also, because I liked the fact that something new was bought (doesn't happen very often in my household...)

Balik rumah, I opened the packaging. At first sight, I immediately agreed that the RM77 price tag was worth every penny. Most quality kitchenware selalunya mmg mahal-mahal, but the hefty price tag is normally justified by the quality and durability.

The product's name is BENRINER - Japanese Mandolin (Slicer). Japanese Mandolin, but with a USA patent... Ok la kot... I don't know how other countries' mandolins look like, but I reckon almost the same. I read somewhere that Rachel Ray uses this product (on her show I guess?) Anywayz, ini lah dia rupa benda alah tu. Actually it's the same brand as the mandolin pic above, only ours is white :) It's the new wide type also (dunno if the previous one was too narrow?)

64 m/m dia tulis... 

First impression... from the (plastic?) material used for the body, I was convinced that it had quality. I've used mandolins before and most of them had the normal, plastik-keras biasa body. But this one... Walaweh... it actually feels quite hard and strong! Like very2 susah to break one. It also has a textured effect, which I believe was intentionally designed to stress the sturdiness. 


Provided are three slicing blades, FINE, MEDIUM and COARSE. Each with their own unique slicing/cutting abilities.


The slicer blades of course, can be easily interchanged :D  The main blade... looks very2 sturdy, like can cut anything from onions to shoe-soles (I am exaggerating of course). The slicing thickness can also be easily adjusted. And I pretty much like the safety-holder (finger guard) thinggy... the design is quite nice aye?

And of course, they provide handling instructions and safety precautions so that you don't wreck the thing during use and keep your fingers in tact at the same time  :)

syok tengok mandolin dot com

I look forward to be using this thing ASAP. My wife of course, akan guna dalam jangka masa terdekat. Pasal kalu tak, takkan dia beli ye dok? (Kalau dia beli saja-saja, nanti aku upah orang karate dia... hehehe).  At the moment, I myself have too much work to do and little time to do kitchen work (hence using kitchen utensils). Alhamdulillaah, ada maid dah sekarang, so no need to headache2 thinking of household cleaning n joint kitchen management with the wife. Tapi takpe... sikit lagi PhD ni nak habis dah. When that time comes, insyaAllaah I will start using this thinggy. Lepas tu, another post pulak :D Orait... Assalaama aleykom!!!

[click the above image to view this item on]

AND... enjoy the demo video below. Don't work quite well on cucumbers I see... hehehe.


Oyis said...

knp nama dia mandolin ek? like u, aku pon ingat ni nama musical instrument mulanya.

weh ko udah simpan janggut eh?

and double wahh... sudah ada helper kah? korg berpantang di penang ke?

Alfian_Troxion said...

tu le... aku mula2 google search, mandolin return gambo2 instrument. tapi lepas aku letak search term 'mandolin kitchen' (kot?) then baru la kuar benda alah ni :D

Janggut? Mmg dah lama aku berjinggut. Lately ni aku mmg kurang cukur dah... jadik malas pulak. hehehe. tapi alhamdulillaah, at the same time kalau kena gaya ikhlas aku, dapat pahle sunnah ye dok.

Helper? Yeous, alhamdulillaah. Lepas tu mmg agak baik ini helper. I've seen how my mother had to go thru 2 helpers and in the end tak jadik amik... susah gak nak dapat good help these days. Kitorang mmg bersyukur sangat2... sbb maid kitorang mmg setakat ni very2 de bagus :D

sumpit said...

mahal gilosss!
nmpk cam simple je benda tu.
lektrik pon tak pakai, it better be worth the price! (betol tak engrish aku yg makin teruk ni? :P )

sumpit said...

aku baru terperasan, gambar muka terkejut tu ko amik sendiri ke mmg muka terkejut sebenar?

Alfian_Troxion said...

itu sah2 adalah muka buat buatan... amik sendiri :)

aku rasa macam worth the price. tapi semua tu baru perasaan la... belum bebetul try lagi. tapi from the demo video kat bawah tu, macam ok ye dok :D but somehow, I am starting to get the feeling that the finger guard is useless. orang tu x pakai pon? walaupun design mcm lain sket... tapi ntah2 ke tak user frenly :P

Ethos said...

Alfian, di mana awak beli Mandoline slicer ini. I berminat tapi tak jumpa. Boleh share?

Alfian Abdul Halin said...

Hi Ethos :) Ni beli dekat Penang area (belah-belah darat, JURU kalau tak silap). Tapi tak ingat sangat, sebab dia kat dalam2 Juru. Nama kedai Eazy bake kalau tak silap...

Tapi hari tu wife ada beli satu lagi dekat YUMMY :) Yummy Bdr Baru Bangi insyaAllaah ada :)

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