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Before and After - Weightloss in 30-seconds!!!

Weight loss is a very2 nice experience to undergo. But of course, it does not happen instantaneously... Lots of effort must be put in so that the weight melts off. Furthermore, we want the weight lost to be the right weight. That means, you don't want to lose muscle (daging) but instead, lose FAT (lemak of course)...

Anywayz... I would like to show you how I lost weight last night. It goes against all the things I said above. I lost it in less than 10-minutes... wait... less than 30-seconds! And the pictures below are testimonial to my claims!!! Impressive loss of chubby cheeks I'd say, aye?

[ALFIAN... before and after 'weightloss']

Hehehe... ok ok. I know la it's tipu. Just had to puff up my face, shrug my shoulders a bit, lift my neck fat using a bit of the neck muscles, and of course put on a smile that would make Bozo the clown 10-times handsomer.

But anyhow... in reality, this type "con" does happen. For instance, some before and after pics. seen in fitness magazines... can be totally FAKE!!! (the picture at this link is meant to be fake. It shows an example of how before and after pics can look oh so convincing, albeit being fake...)

Some of the pictures are taken on the very same day!!! Try watching BIGGER, STRONGER and FASTER. An expert photographer has even openly admitted this in the mentioned documentary/movie. And some of them even resort to photo editing software (e.g. Photoshop) to make the after shot slimmer. And yeous, the face plays a big role. The main idea is to look extremely depressed in your be4 shot, and give a moral-lifted and happy look in the after pic. Lighting or some professional editing will do the rest :D

Hehehe. Okes. That is all for today... Hope we don't get tertipu by some of those supplement and fat-loss pill pushers who actually use this kind of strategy... Assalaam aleykom!


sumpit said...

tp castano is the real deal, kan?

Alfian_Troxion said...

i think so. based on some pics yg dia pernah tunjuk kat website dia, he seems to be the real thing la :D

tapi aku kadang2 geram gak, asal la dia nye website huduh sangat. pas tu, tak nak bubuh gambar dia sendiri banyak2. dulu dia pernah tak letak pasal ada satu kes banyak sanga jerawat kat badan n muka (muka, kot la...).

lepas tu dulu sekali dah boh dah gambar ... mmg betul la dia, sbb mmg tak nampak tipu pon. tapi skg mana ntah pegi gambar tu. felikz.

but his sytem works la. if u work at it that is :D

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