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JPA loan sudah habis, alhamdulillaah


After more than 7-years, my study loan with JPA has finally been fully paid. The actual loan was RM39,634.95... but after getting a 75% discount, the amount payable was only RM13,211.65. Really2 appreciate JPA for the discount, as if it were the original amount, memang tak abish2 lagi la sampai sekarang.

Paying actually wasn't that hard, as I had my pay deducted by RM157.00 every month...  AUTOMATICALLY!!! Kalau nak harap diri sendiri deduct? Kang adaaa je 'nafs' yang menghalang ye dok?  But it was good... as time went by, it became an amount I learned to live without. I think JPA mula2 mintak more than RM157... but as some say... "Janji bayar...Tak kisah berapa..." . So, I just janji-bayar-ed, and true to the saying, mmg JPA tak kacau :D (siap dapat elak blacklist lagi... Alhamdulillaah).

Anywayz... I got the letter today (which can be viewed below). And I think, I might be getting a 'bonus' also. Well, bukan la bonus, actually. UPM and JPA I think don't keep that close a tab on the payment schedule, so most of the time there will be overpaid amounts. In my case however, they were quite efficient... allowing only 2-months of overpay. Still, insyaAllaah, I will be able to reclaim the RM1570.00 X 2-months tu... and can treat it as a RM317.00 bonos... ... ... buleh ke camtu? Takpa... if the nafsu is not strong, then masuk la tabung haji itu amaun... hehehe... Okes... Salamaat

PS:- If only housing repayments and car loans have 75% discounts also :P


Zaki said...

i finished paying mine a few years back. paid only 25% too and it was only about 5k, which makes me wonder i may have paid only for my studies at UIA but not for PPP. should i 'gatal mulut' enquire from JPA?

btw, it's blatantly unfair that MARA scholars didn't have to pay a single cent. ada ke patut?!

Alfian_Troxion said...

hehehehe... takpa la kot. if thats what they decided u shud pay, then so be it :D weh, 5K sikit giloss... uwaaaaa!!! tapi maybe pasal go grad 4.09/4.00 kot? :P hehehe

as for MARA-ians... yeah. Rezeki deorang :) But have to say, its serving me quite well oso since my wife does not have to pay back a single cent... kalau tak, mau dalam 200-350k....

Ame said...

Hey just dropping by while googling for jpa loan. I'm a local student currently planning to go overseas to further my education.

Would you mind enlightening me on how to apply or some tips where i can head to? Apparently the stuff on the jpa web sites doesn't tell much =(

Alfian_Troxion said...

Hello Mr/Ms/Mrs Ame. I received this loan when I applied thru UPU in 1994/95 (sekitar tu la)... It was sorta linked to the program... So thats basically how I got it....

Other than that... I'm not too sure how... btw... U plan to do masters/phd? MARA offers some loans also. Might wanna look into them?
And, if you have impressive grades, and good working experiences, countries like Australia can possibly fund ure studies? (tapi competition for their biasiswa tinggi jugak la)...

If you have more specific info, do tell me. Maybe I can ask around?


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