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Sleepless in Nibong Tebal

Now, me and the wife is in the stage of sleepless nights. Why? Of course due our lovely new addition to the family... Mr. Nadeem Farhan bin Alfian. Somehow, at this stage (~1-month old), he refuses to snugly sleep during the night. End up, mom or/and dad, has to try his/her best to make the little chumster go back into his slumber. He'd normally wake up at around 8-9pm... and then continue to open his beautiful eyes up until 11 pm or even 4 am! :] But what to dooo... kena la berjaga dan tengok camne mau kasik dia tidoq balik... hehehehe. Anywayz... of course it stresses us out (who won't be?)... but that's the way it is. And we always remember, above other things, that this little guy is the greatest gift from God and its our responsibility to take care of him... and of course, LOVE him. Alhamdulillaah.

Ayah and Farhan @ around 11-12 am kot? He finally slept at around 3?

Okes. Below are some of the ways that I've tried to coax him back to sleep (which most have failed miserably):
  • Dodoi - at this point, he can't quite understand the whole 'tepuk bontot' thinggy :P
  • Recite some Quranic verses - this seems to work quite well most of the time :) 
  • Cradle him in my arms and slowly sway back and forth - works 25% of the time
  • Sing - since I am no Michael Buble (camtu ke eja?), he responds with an awkward frown
  • Kasik meniarap - sometimes, he looks uncomfortable laying on his back, I let him lie on his belly... sometimes this works... but only sometimes... :|
  • Cradle him in my arms and walk around the house - while a good way to decrease fat, this method does not work since the little one has more opportunity to appreciate the surroundings
  • Kasik susu - Haaa... this one seems to work most of the time. But the thing is, its usually only less than an hour before that he already emptied his mom's booties :P So, end up he gets angin and discomfort after putting him to bed (even tho kasik belehak/burp)
Anywayz, more tactics are available I'm sure :) Any suggestions? (other than giving him plain water... I don't think I'll subscribe to this... 100% breast milk for the first 6-months is the rule kan? ... of course ubat is exception la kot2 dia sakit... 'Aoodzubillaah). Okes :D Tq for reading iya :D


arin said...

first thing, each time pas susu ada burpkn dia tak?sampai dia sendawa?

kalu tuh done, nibong tebal anas ke sejuk?kadang2 baby tak selesa due to cuaca.

next, ada pakaikn minyak yuyi or such?pas mandi.kot2 nk prevent kembong.

lastly, aku selalu zikirkn .insya allah..

Alfian_Troxion said...

semua udah... lepas mandi mmg pakai yuyi. kadang2 lepas nyusu pon leta kalau kembung sangat...

zikir je tak buat... tapi aku baca quranic verses... tapi takpe. nanti aku pelbagaikan :D tq tq Arin :D

Nabil said...

ko ada try pasang air kt sinki?

aku nampak kat utube ari tu. bunyi air mengalir tu akan mengingatkan baby pada bunyi dlm perut.

kira lbh kurang mcm white noise la.

p/s: tp make sure air tu tadah la jgn bazirkan :P

yzmahoney said...

1st time aku dgr pasal dgr bunyik air dlm sinki... jadi ker nabil? hehehe nway aku rase baby xtdo mlm ni perkara biasa...xtdo tp xnangis kire ok lar tuh.. dulu anak aku siap nangis..kene cool down kan die..lame lak tuh..hehehe tapi budak akan berubah2 setiap bulan..cume cara kite handle lar..most important think kasi maknyer rehat cukup2... mcm aku dulu lps maghrib jer aku mesti tdo dulu...hubby will take care of baby.. kasi susu ibu dlm botol.. so dlm kul 10-11 aku bgn so blhlar tukar shift plak..insyaAllah lepas pantang baby da stable & have their own routine..klu memalam extreme nangis, bogelkan baby and urut perut & belakang dengan minyak telon sambil bace ayat2 yg patut......insyaAllah baby akan cool...

Alfian_Troxion said...

Nablus: Baru malam hari tu aku ada idea sama (cuma takde la sampai aku terpikir pasal womb tu). Aku bajet, air ngalir ni macam bunyik baru... so kot2 dia leh appreciate dan layan dan tido :D tapi logik gak apa ko kata. nanti bila2 aku test. tq

Hizma: Baik... akan aku cuba try testing jugak :) Setakat ni, mak nye tidur dalam area maghrib2 gitu gak. tapi since aku dok kat kampus pulau ni, aku biar dia jaga sampai la dia orang tidur. lepas tu, aku sampai umah lambat... n aku jaga mana patut lepas tu. kurang best pasal end up aku penat sbb balik2 je rumah, terus jaga baby kalau2 bangun. tapi takpe. lom plan bebetul lagik :D

Amy said...

Nak bagi tips confirm aku takde la kan. Just want to say that nama dia sedap :)

Alfian_Troxion said...

alhamdulillaah. t kache Amu :D

Oyis said...

xde tips. tp ingat dulu2 aisyah slalu bgn around pkl 1-3 pg (tp x nangis). ubat dia ialah bg nenen aje. senyap la dia. tp bila diletak balik x mahu tido.asyik ekna kelek aje. last2 time2 mlm aku breastfeed doa sesambil layan cerita2 astro, cerita p ramlee la, citer azura la, ali setan la ehhehe...

Alfian_Troxion said...

Tu kira tips gak tu Noris :D hehehe. tq tq.

Actually, anak aku ni, mmg nak orang angkat je baru dia diam. kitorang kalau leh tak nak biasakan, bila nangis angkat. bila nangis angkat. tapi since maid aku selalu buat gitu...; so dia dah terbiasa.... malam , walaupun dah diberi nenen, dia tetap mau attension juga. mau di angkat baru dia... tak tau berapa lama lagi dia nak camtu.
tapi takpe... sabr je la kot :D

Konot said...

how about pacifier? kalau nko nak ler.. some parents mmg tak nak biasakan. i also don wan.. tapi lepas many2 sleepless nites.. aku kasik jugak.. but sofeya pulak reject pacifier..

nenen ok i think.. even after the boobies dah empty.. just let him nyonyot jer la... buleh?

errr..excuse my choice of words.. muahahah

Alfian_Troxion said...

hahaha! takpe takpe. good choice of word anywayz... mmg bini akan kasik dia nyonyot walupun dah abish. sbb skg ni, dia macam suka isap benda je. so kasik je la nyonyotan kosonggg :D pacifier? aku pon x nak mulakan, dan tak nak biasakan.... harung je la kalau nyonyotan tak berhasil :D

aznah said...

what apit did for me when we had ehan, was whenever ehan terjaga past our bedtime, he would get up and pick ehan up. hug him and say sweet things. then he'd change his diaper and then he would try to tidokan, if ehan wasnt satisfied, he'd take ehan to the bed and lay him down next to me to breastfeed. all i had to do was get me and ehan comfortable, then give him my breast. then we all 3 would go back to sleep. if he fell asleep with us, we'd just sleep with him. he still asks to sleep with me in the middle of the night, but ill only start working harder on that when he doesnt have the need to touch me so much. hes just a very loving, extra attention needed, sweety. sleeping with your kids is very great. its a good way to family plan too!! haha!

with dhia, we had her sleeping in her own room by the time she was half a year old. she doesnt have the need to sleep with us but she does suck her thumb and has a devoted blankee. so i think sleeping with her would have been the better option.

some kids are more needy than others. they get addicted to your love and just want to be with you.

you guys will work it out in no time! just listen to what hes saying by using your heart, and you'll start understanding his needs in no time too!

aww, i want another.

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