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Philips Avent: ISIS Breast Pump - BPA Free

Since the wife is due back to work soon (ok, tak la soon sangat... 1-month lagi mau pantang), we decided to go shopping for a breast pump. At first, we thought of buying Medela, as she had used the similar brand before...

We were targeting the battery operated one. Sekali tu dia!!! MYR799.00!!! Gulp... I know la it's battery operated, so the mommy does not have manually operate the contraption. But 800 Ringgit Malaysia for a pump? Aiya... I think cow's milk extractors are cheaper. Hehehe... Tapi actually the wife also agreed that the Medela brand was a bit dear... So we did not buy it (unless of course tomorrow I get Professorship) :P Okes. Below is the Medela Battery Operated Breast Pump picture... looks very2 nice, but like I said... quite expensive.

Wannywayz... we continued our search. Jumpa pulak the Pureen breast pump. One of our friends in Taman Ilmu uses it... but she gave a so-so review. Therefore, our quest continued (by this time, Farhanah dah dok lari2 and was insisting that I let her play with the mesin kuda kat luar kedai... dayem these shops, really2 know how to make money using budak2 kecik iya...)

Putar puya putar punya putar... we didn't find that many choices actually. There was Medela, Pureen, First-Mommy? (kot?)... and Phillips Avent. Pureen breast pump we decided not to buy due to the mediocre review. Medela? Ish ish ish, acik bukan orang kayo. In the end... after considering factors A, B, C and D... until Z and then the ABCDs all over again... Philips Avent was the clear winner. The price wasn't that expensive, but it wasn't cheap either. MYR289 jugak la harga dia. But from the design, from the claim of  being BPA free (whatever that is...) and from the nice attachments included (not in picture tho)... we decided to buy it. The wife seemed happy... and that's all that matters :D 

Okes. Do wish us (my wife, actually) happy pumping :D Even if the mom ain't with at home with the baby (bibik ada insyaAllaah to feed him), breast milk is still the BEST food for proper development ye dok. Say NO to FORMULA!!! (for the first six months la that is...) Worait.... Assalaam aleykom WBT.


Konot said...

congrats jawa you have made the right choice in choosing the breastpump (and also bfeeding).

tell wan i tell her happy breastfeeding!

Alfian_Troxion said...

kira brand ni ok la ek Konot? tq tq 4 de confirmation ;) insyaAllaah aku kasik tau dia :D kau pulak, selamat ber GA iya :D

Oyis said...

avent should be ok. kat UK dia one of the more popular one. but is that a manual one? kalo ye, kena lebih tabah dan gigih la mengepam, tp mungkin lebih keberkatan nya :)

moi? i settled for an auto one, sbb takut demotivated. mine is a spectra 3 model, sgt2 recommended kalo esok2 nak cari yg auto plak ke hehhehe. price dia masa dulu one set dlm RM700++. but in the long run, jimat duit pyan oii.. bulan2 x yah beli susu dah, sampai la umur 2 tahun :)

btw, kalo x silap aku, almost all pumping nya bottle is BPA-free these days

happy pumping to kak wan. senang la ko x yah amik shift bancuh susu dah lps ni hehehe. altho sesekali kalo ko tolong sterilize kan botol n pump ke (tolong belikan sterilizer terus lg bagus!), ada bagusnya, considering kesian wife sdn bhd feeding farhan :)

Alfian_Troxion said...

:D kok yg bateri ni mmg lagik mahal iye? asal ek? Dia pakai motor teknologi angkasa lepas ke? tapi takpe

ooo. sterilizer pon bagus ek kalau beli? Nanti aku usha. hari tu aku ada jumpa satu website. tak ingat nama... tapi harga dia dalam 60 bucks murah-er from the prices at the shop I bought. anywayz... thanks for the tips wahai Noris :D

arin said...

aku support BF!chaiyok chaiyok. even though anak aku yg 2nd dah 15mths, but still direct BF. so, aku takde pengalaman and pandangan about breast pump what so ever.yang penting, jangan stress waktu nak pump ( pump dengan hati gumbira dan tenang ) . start pumping so by naik kerja nanti, stok EBM dah banyak.
good luck !
p/s: komen nih khas untuk wifey ko ye alpian!

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