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I am not updating my blog today...

What will I write about today? Actually I cannot yet write or update my blog... this is because the topic that I thought I wanted to write about, I cannot write because I have no materials for it... yet. Make sense? It is ok if it doesn't. Anywayz, I have two topics in my head... but both cannot yet be committed to e-paper due to having no textual and/or digital-imagery materials... They are:
(in pure i will try to write in point form :D...)

  1. Topic-1: PROTON EMAS. I praise Proton's effort in designing the EMAS (Eco-Mobility Advanced Solution). But I wonder... have Proton done enough in improving the existing models to even start thinking about a concept? Joining the Geneva Motor Show was indeed an undertaking (albeit a pricey one)... but maybe that money could've been better spent on hardening the chassis, or even making the Persona's rear-end windshield (windshield ek cermin belakang tu...?) a bit more rear-view mirror friendly? Just my opinion :) Could not talk about the topic in full yet because tak sempat buat research lagi pasal ini Proton Emas. But my initial reaction was that la... improve existing models first. Then go concept :) Ok ke pikir camtu? :P
  2. Topic-2: FISHING TRIP. Last Saturday, I and a few friends went on a fishing trip. This was not the normal destination of the Tuas-es (in the seas of Yan Kedah). Instead, it we teed off from Tanjung Dawai jetty to a place called Kok Ribu/Seribu? A new place for me. As usual, the targeted species was the Spanish Mackerel a.k.a. Tenggiri. Tapi, tenggiri tidak makan pada hari Sabtu itu. We however got tons and tons of Doraemon fish. Alhamdulillaah, I also managed to get my first Kerapu!!! Could not blog about it fully yet because haven't had the photos 'developed'. By that, I mean transfered to my computer (from the digital camera). Jadik, takde la gambar2 ikan lagi. But insyaAllaah, when I find time, I will put some fish pictures for all to see... if sudi to see that is :D
Okes. Without updating, I have successfully updated my blog. Tq for reading :D Assalaam aleykom...


sumpit said...

how come aku cari link to older post cam xde ek?

ke aku yg tak perasan? tp aku dah try Find, xde gak la...

Alfian_Troxion said...

kalau thru the main page of mmg tak ada (aku pon tak tau pe pasal)
Mmg template ni design camtu kot? tapi kalau kau pergi ke individual posts (i.e. by clicking on the post title)... nanti kat bawah tu... bawah "post a comment"... ada link to an older post.

Alternatively, you can choose from the "previous Entries" drop down list kat bawah belah kanan :D hehehe

anywayz, tq for reading :D

Amy said...

Naper kalau click from FB dia tak bawa ke sini (with full entry), nak kena click 'View Original Post' baru bawak ke sini..
Macam Kak Dilla punya link dlm FB, dia bawa terus ke her main blog.
Anywaysss, rajin mancing gak ko ni. Bleh geng dgn laki aku..haihhh. His last sea fishing trip, dia bawa balik tenggiri2 yg freshh..puas makan. Biar dlm peti ais seminggu pun masih rasa fresh, unlike beli kat Giant ler kan, obviously. His next sea trip is this April, di kala aku sibuk dgn exam season.. tak tau la bawa balik ikan apa plak.

Alfian_Troxion said...

betul tu Amy. aku pon tak sure lagik camne nak buat camtu kat FB. tak explore lagik. patot la ramai dok komen kat FB je. hehehehe. anywayz... nanti aku periksa dan tengok macam mana.

as for ikan... yeous, mmg aku gemar gak memancing. especially Tenggiri. The "fight" with the fish is oredi challenging at times... tapi yg paling besh ialah bila makan dia. hehehehe. and yeous... fresh n jual kat pasar mmg lain. kalau aku perisi dan bersihkan yg fresh... mmg daging dia lagik kuat dan tak lembik. tapi kalau yg kat pasar or pasar borong... masa cuci tu daging dah lembik :( (walaupun orang tu claim fresh la :P)

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