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Puncak Mutiara Cafe, Kampung Pelet - Beriani Paha Kambing Satuuuu!!!

  1. Heading North, from the PLUS highway towards Sungai Dua (Seberang Perai), exit at the roundabout with the traffic lights. This is also the cross section between PLUS and BKE. At the roundabout, take the 3 o'clock exit (going towards Kulim);
  2. Drive on pass the toll plaza (paying the toll of course) and go straight until you reach the Kubang Semang exit;
  3. Exit @ Kubang Semang, and take a right at the first traffic light... then go straight pass the 2nd traffic light. Take a left after that traffic light;
  4. Then you'll meet another traffic (near the masjid/mosque and a petrol station). Take a left;
  5. Go straight on until you reach an overhead bridge (or is it a flyover?). After passing under that bridge, look for the police station on the right. Once seeing the police station, turn right. You will enter a road  with shop houses on its left and right;
  6. Go straight on and take a left at the T-junction. after taking this left, you should see a Chinese graveyard on your right hand side. If you see it on your left... then you have missed that left turn; 
  7. Go straight on... until you see the signboard saying "Puncak Krystal Muitiara Cafe". Keep a good look out for this left turn, as it leads into a small one way road. Be prepared to give way to on coming cars :) Just go straight on until you reach the cafe...
As many people say, Penang is a haven for food lovers. I agree with this point of view and have experienced some of the most delectable treats Penang has to offer :) Today, I'd like to story about a restaurant introduced to me my Mat John Labu Sayung Al Kedengkil. Mr. John (real name Faizal Zainoldin) has been an old time Bukit Mertajam resident, and knows Seberang Perai and the island of Penang like the back of his head!!!

Anywayz... the name of the place is PUNCAK MUTIARA CAFE. It's quite a unique establishment actually. It's a relatively big restaurant in the middle of the small Kampung Pelet (Penanti, Bukit Mertajam)... Memang I don't think people would know there exists such a big restaurant within the very2 small kampung. And if you've never been there before, chances are U'll miss the entry point at first try. They do have a sign for the restaurant... but for me, the already 'GONE' signboard of Kampung Pelet was a better indicator that we'd already arrived. Oh, and the road going towards the restaurant can ideally only fit one car. So, in case of two way traffic, kena pandai2 la give way :)

Anywayz... the main attraction at Puncak Mutiara Cafe is definitely (for me at least) the BERIANI PAHA KAMBING! With this dish, you get:

  • Beriani Rice (quite a good portion)
  • One whole mutton drumstick... Very tender... But I think if you get and old goat, then it might be a little tough
  • Dalca and Sambal Asam (savory condiments) 

The taste of the rice to me was so so... but the goat... it was very2 good :) Tender and tasty... In short, I highly recommend this place.

BUT!!!! A useful tip... :D Order Beriani PAHA Kambing... and not just plain Beriani Kambing. According to my friend John, you might get a less meaty goat part if you order the plain beriani kambing. But if you order the Paha Kambing one, insyaAllah, you will never be let down. Cuz there's always gonna be a good portion of meat on it. Price-wise... the Beriani Paha Kambing costs RM17.00... Donno whether that's pricey or not, but somehow I think it's ok la kot? Considering the big paha kambing we got...

Oraits... Below ada 2 pics only. Tak dapat nak snap gambar sbb bateri henpon habis... I cry...

Besar jugak iye the paha kambing :)

Kuah dhal and sambal asam...


sumpit said...

smlm n hari ni aku mkn nasi simple the lazy n healthy way ko tu (tp x healthy sbb aku campur butter) - setahun ko post entry tu baru aku try smlm hahahaha

not bad aaa. nampaknya ni akan jd daily menu aku in the near future rasanya. bole aku avoid lepak lama2 n pakai byk2 utensils kat kitchen, sbb sume kicap2 spices bole simpan dlm bilik je...

thanks! :D

Alfian_Troxion said...

hahaha... very2 de good :D Glad to be of help :)
Butter aku rasa in moderation shud be ok. especially kalau macam style kita orang timur yg tak la makan butter banyak sangat cam ko dok tempat sejuk n u don't naik kereta (banyak jalan n beskal rite?)... so shud not be a problem. As a matter of fact, soemtimes i think u need more butter kasik naik sket daging n lemak. hehehehe

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