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When My Handphone Goes Kaput...

My current handphone is the Sony Ericsson K550i. Recently, it suffered a serious drop that caused the top right hand corner of the display to 'bleed'. Not sure what blood it's bleeding, but it's bleeding. Alhamdulillaah, idok le teruk sangat tapi. Anywayz, since the drop, this phone has been showing signs that it is close to its end. For one thing, it has shut down by itself oh so many many times. Even with the keypad locked, somehow it manages to turn itself off!!! Lepas tu pulak, sometimes it keeps asking me to INSERT SIM. Aiyaa, sim already inside, why ask for more sims? You think U dual sim? Btw, I had a friend once named Sim... her full name was Simantarkar Umbiratini Sulaiman...
My current SE K550i

Anywayz... In order to get ready for my phone's ultimate demise, I have looked at other Sony Ericsson models as potential replacements. I quite like SE due to the Cybershot cameras 'courtesy' of SONY. But the thing I hate is the ear-phone and charger slot (or apa nama dia ek?)... which looks weird. But that's a small issue... So, takpe la. Still keen to get an SE.
Why can't they make 'em like any other jack? I mean, the ones with
only one pointed end instead of two ends with some copper
lining inside? Senang rosak ooo kadang2...

Since I am not that much into browsing on mobile phones, I don't quite require a high-end 3G phone with a big big screen (even tho I quite like the look and feel of the IPhone...). All I want is something that can easily and quickly write SMS-es, able to capture nice pictures, and can play my favorite MP3 songs. After dok tengok tengok tengok... I came across the Sony Ericsson C901. Nampak macam ok!!! The camera also is a whopping 5.0 Mega Pixels. Sah2 cantek gambor yang ditangkap ye dok?

But since I am no mobile phone expert... I don't know the actual story. Based on some comments, the phone seems ok :) And at a price range between RM500-700, I think it fits the bill quite well. Eh japs... betul ke RM500-700... or is it in the ribu-ribu range???

Anywayz... just wondering if any of you have any experiences with this phone. Kot2 buleh kasik nasihaaat :D 

Oraits... Assalaam aleykom WBT

Front view
Rear view

So small... can snug comfortably into my pocket seluar

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