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Buat Duit Melalui Facebook!!! Yo ko?

I think many of us have seen some sort of advertisements promising loads and loads of cash just by 'logging' in to Facebook. Recently, I had to remove one 'friend' (not an actual friend la... just someone who I randomly accepted to 'befriend'), due to her constantly tagging me in cash-laden pictures, as well as because she was promoting something that went against proper way of making $$$ online (while at the same time believing that it's actually legal).

Anywayz, making money online is indeed a reality. It's just the way you go about doing it hat makes the difference. Going through proper learning channels such as creating a niche website, researching keywords, links exchange etc. actually guarantee long term income... whereas QUICK MONEY and GET RICH FAST techniques normally blow out as fast as they blew up (what ever that means :P you get the idea...). With regards to making money on FB, one of the persons was promoting a program called Infinity Downline. Basically, members pay a USD25 fee every month... and in return, members get access to loads and loads of e-books and courses. By recruiting new members to join under you (who in turn pay the USD25 per month), once you get more members in, the USD25 goes directly to you. Seems like a no brainer right? The more the merrier... which translates to... the more you get, the richer you become!!! :o

But the actual thing that bothers me is the whole concept of such programs. According to the founders, people are supposed to benefit from the super cheap courses and e-books... but in reality, no one actually cares about the courses (and I doubt anyone has ever actually REALLY used any of them). All the members would most probably only care about getting in more recruits. So in the end, its just about getting ure pockets filled at the end of the month, while actually ignoring the main (supposed) benefit of the program. This program is sort of similar to another program called Global Domains International. In GDI, members basically pay USD10 per month for a dot ws (e.g. domain hosting. And according to the sales pitch, dot ws is still new and can be a thing of the future (ws for website! better than dot com? don't think so). Of course, some tools are provided and ure given some web space. But in reality, the problem is similar to Infinity Downline... where people don't actually care about owning an online presence (with a dot ws domain), but are more interested to get more downlines, who will eventually start paying the USD10 per month fee as well (where I think, USD1 goes to the upline). Furthermore, USD10 per month for web hosting is a crazy amount!!! But people still join and members still pay... Why? Because the potential to rake in massive income is far more enticing than the fact they're paying in overdose for the web hosting.

For all these programs, at the moment they have managed to 'legalize' their operations by camouflaging behind some supposedly beneficial products. I don't even know whether they'll ever be considered illegal since no laws have been passed to go against them. The sad thing is that, people get sucked into such "businesses", while sacrificing their own values. If you really2 look deep down inside (sometimes you don't even have to go that deep at all) you know that these types of business are not really genuine. 

Anywayz... those are my thoughts. Kalau nak buek bisnes, I think it'd better be honest with no hidden strings attached (dah la ada strings, tersembunyi dan hidden dan invisible dan halimunan pulak tu :P)... With that said, let's hope that people get smarter and not let $$$ take precedence over everything else that is in essence, pure :) - again, whatever that means... :D

Oraits... Assalaam aleykom WBT


AyunasiA said...

sy pon dah terfikir nak 'unfriend' (ada ke this word eh?) kwn sendiri kerana meluat dgn promosi sebegini. pa'kal je takut dia kecik ati. agaknya kalo kita unfriend seseorang, dia tau tak? sgt berhrp yg dia dah terlalu rmi kwn dan tak perasan seseorang tlh meng'unfriend'kan dirinya.

Alfian_Troxion said...

antam saja... buleh diwujudkan kalau takde word tu :)

mungkin elok msg dia dulu kot. cakap toksah include nama awak dalam promosi2 tu sbb tak minat :) tapi kalau dia buat jugak.... sama ada kasik msg kedua, ataupun just keluarkan dari senarai la kot? :)
Tu pon kalau mmg niat dia meng-friend-kan awak dalam FB hanya semata2 utk promosi produk :)

tapi tak tau la. bergantung dan terpulang kepada diri shendiri :D dan gak history yg awak maybe ada ngan fren tu :) salaaam

Buat Duit said...

Ramai yang menjadikan facebook sebagai tempat menghilangkan keboringan... Terpaksalah kita bersabar kalau ada mereka yang add anda dengan tujuan yang lain - dari yang lain... Coz dah tempat laman web untuk bersosial...:)

Alfian_Troxion said...

Alhamdulillaah en/puan/cik But Duit, saya mmg bersabar :)

1. Tapi walaupun bersabar, tak bererti saya tidak mengambil tindakan... Jadi utk mengelakkan dari saya hilang sabar, maka di un-friend-kan lah orang2 tu.

2. Laman web utk bersosial? mmg betul, itu tujuannya. Tapi elok la bersosial dengan golongan2 sosial sendiri... instead of spamming potential victims ye dok :)

Mr Azwad said...

Itu skim piramid. Kalau duit hasil "pelaburan" atau "bisnes" datang dari duit peserta, ianya sahih skim piramid. Produk tu cuma samaran je.

Sama juga dengan program Skor-A, Lampe berger dan uptrend2u.

Alfian_Troxion said...

yeps. setuju Azwad :D
senang citer, apa2 'business' or skim yg tawarkan easy money... kompom penipuan or pyramid/ponzi :D

infinity downline said...

Thanks for sharing your opinion.I am very pleased to read after this superb blog.

Alfian_Troxion said...

thanks for dropping by infinity downline man :D

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